Virat Kohli

The Story Surrounding Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma- A new Indian web-series named Paatal Lok which came out on Amazon Prime recently gathered a lot of attention among the Indian crowd. The attention, however, was mostly positives with fans getting intrigued about the storyline, there were others who had a lot of problem with Anushka Sharma produced web series. It sparked several controversies among the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) MLA Nandkishor Gurjar who has filed a case against the Anushka Sharma for using his picture without his consent in the series.

Gurjar has filed a police case against the Bollywood actress and producer under the National Security Act for creating a communal stir in the society. The BJP MLA went a step further amid the controversy and has urged the Indian cricket team captain, Virat Kohli to hand divorce to his wife for the allegations.

Nandkishor Gurjar spoke with Newsroom Post and without mincing his words he states that no individual is bigger than the country. Thus he wants the Indian cricket captain to divorce his wife Anushka Sharma and feels that the step from Virat Kohli will send a clear message to the entire country.

“Desh se koi bada nahi hai. Virat Kohli desh ke liye khelte hai aur desh bhakt hai. Unhone Anushka ko turant talak dena chahiye,” he said.

(The quotes as mentioned above translates to – No one is bigger than India. Virat Kohli is a patriotic person and plays for India. He should divorce Anushka soon. This will send a strong message).

The BJP MLA Gurjar has not rested there as he has also written a letter to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javdekar to stop the streaming of the web-series in the OTT platform due to the allegations against the series and its producer.

Despite all the controversies, social media uproar and communal stir against the series and Anushka Sharma, both Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka has not paid any heed up until now as they spend their time in nation-wide lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Well, a lot of fans have some strange opinions about this power couple. Now, this is something even weirder. People got no chill during the pandemic it seems. From pandemics to FIRs, to war with China, India and Indians are really doing stuff. Big stuff. Things are so volatile in many industries.

At such a point in time, this comes down as another funny incident. It will now be interesting to see how genuine fans react to this. They have always had Virat’s back and have a fan of Anushka as well.

Recently, the couple was really seen having a good time on social media. They were making videos that were winning the hearts of their fans across the globe.

However, these comments by the BJP MLA might really instigate them. Only time will tell, how they react to this news. Let’s all follow the latest trends on Twitter and keep tabs. Things could really get interesting in the days to come.