The 29 year old Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has retired from International football. After the end of the World Cup, Mesut Ozil was targeted badly by social media. Germany were out from the Group Stage of the biggest event of football in Russia. Mesut Ozil was criticised poorly by German media houses and he was repeatedly put under pressure to retire from the International duty.


The reason behind the behaviour of the German media is really sad. Mesut Ozil was seen in a picture with Turkish President. Mesut Ozil’s father was Turkish; so the German media started to abuse him with his Turkish link. Mesut Ozil was always dedicated to his national side Germany. The German International was an integral part of the national squad in their World Cup win four years ago. There was no problem with Mesut Ozil’s Turkish link for the German media. But now after the shock Group Stage exit of the Germans in this year’s World Cup, Mesut Ozil has been criticised badly by the German media houses.


Germany were one of the favourites to win the World Cup this time in Russia. They were in comparatively easier Group compared to the other Big teams. Mexico, Sweden and South Korea were no match against Germany on paper if we analyse the depth of the squad. In the first Group Stage match of the World Cup, Germany were beaten by Mexico. It was a real shock defeat for the Germans to accept. They came to play in the biggest event of football after winning the Confederations Cup in the previous year. The 1-0 defeat against the Mexicans was really devastating for them. In the match against Mexico in the World Cup, Germany were considered as clear favourites to win the contest. But somehow, the strategy of Joachim Low did not work in that match. Mesut Ozil was in the starting lineup of the German national side in the match against Mexico.


Germany have made a comeback against Sweden in the second Group Stage match as they have come from behind to win the match. Mesut Ozil was not in the starting lineup of Germany in that match. In the last Group Stage match, Germany were defeated by South Korea and Mesut Ozil was present in the starting lineup of the German national side once again this time. But that does not prove anything. A single player can not be blamed for a downfall of a football side. Germany were outclassed by the other side as the players were overconfident about winning the World Cup again in this year.


Mesut Ozil was the only person being trolled in the social media and other platforms for the bad performance of the German side in this World Cup. There were some racist and abusive comments too for the 29 year old German attacking midfielder. It was unbearable from the point of view of Mesut Ozil as he had served his nation all with his heart. It is a good decision taken by him to call his International football career off as there should not be any place of racism in football.