First half report-

Brothers FC faced off against Goans FC, coached by most experienced coach of Belgaum, Sir Agnelo Rego and young Mateen Inamdar. Mr. Rego has been a mentor to Veeresh Mallabadi and has trained him. He was at his first team, where he started his career (Goans FC) back in 2010 and sitting in the stands and writing the report was quite nostalgic for for Veeresh.

Veeresh was at Goans Fc, owned by Lester D’Souza (his school teacher) and consisted of the most young squad, with the average age of outfield players being 17 and between the sticks being 14. This was a moment to cherish for Veeresh.

The match kicked off with Goans scoring in the 6th minute, collecting the cross from the left-hand-side and being unmarked to place easily to far post of goalkeeper. An 8th min corner was wasted by Brothers, as it was easily defended after being well collected by Maaz, who took a shoot too far outside post.

Goans kept on attacking for the next couple of minutes, though there weren’t too many clear chances created. A throw in was wasted by Maaz once again, as it was shot too wide in 11th minute. After that, a free-kick was awarded to Goans in the next minute outside the box. The shot was on target, but was easily collected by Ishwar on a single bounce.

Further, in the 14th min of the game Jayesh was caught offside, as a superb pass was sent in by Taha. With just 16th minutes gone, the first substitution of the game was made by coach Pavan Sardesai. Maaz was taken off and Shahebaz was brought in.

Goans further had a chance, as Sylvester Pais’ quick dribbling saw him go past three defenders to shoot, though it missed the target. In the 18th minute Jayesh was caught offside yet again, after a super ball was sent in by Shahebaz.

A second goal was scored in the 22nd minute, as the ball was crossed from left side to Jayesh by Shahebaz, which was chested by the former and taken by Taha to turn and finish.

The 26th minute saw Jaya running from his own half to cross it to Taha, but the ball was too wide and he couldn’t make the best of chance. In the 29th minute, Brothers replaced Abrar was substituted by Muzzu.

A 30th min shot on target was collected by the goalkeeper quite easily, though in the next minute the ball was put in the back of the net by Edgar, as defence waiting for offside. A 35th minute free-kick was then taken by Shahebaz, which was headed just over the crossbar by skipper Umar.

Very next minute, a mistake was made by defender Faisal, which gave Sylvester a chance to dribble past 3 defenders to shoot on target but was saved by goalie-Ishwar.

All Square at the break-

Defender Faisal was replaced by debutant striker Juned and the game was under-way. A 45th minute free kick to brothers for foul on Shahebaz was passed quickly to Muzzu, who then crossed it to Taha which was headed above the crossbar by him. Goal-kick was taken wrongly and another chance was wasted again by Taha.

In the 49th minute, a golden chance of the match for goalscorer EDGAR DSOUZA, though his shot was always going away from goal. In the 58th minute, the first change was made for the Goans.

A wrong pass from the Goans after that saw a shot go above the goal by substitute Juned. In the 63rd minute, a free-kick was awarded to brothers for a handball given which was easily collected by goalkeeper. After that Brothers dominated the ball in the opposition half.

In the 73rd minute, a shot on target by Kashif Khan of Goans was easily collected by Ishwar. Last kick of match free kick to Goans in front of the box and was once again collected quite comfortably by goalkeeper Ishwar. The game ended in a 1-1 draw.

Next Brothers FC plays Nipani FA on 25th Jan at 4:15 pm

(Based on the match-report by Veeresh Mallabadi)