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The IPL has seen a lot of top players over the years. This has ranged from multiple legends and top talents, some of the best in the world. Also, the level of cricket is right there with the best. Keeping that in mind, Indian cricketer and wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik has now picked his all-time IPL XI.

The KKR star and former skipper decided to pick his own favourite IPL XI of all-time. It would never be easy to pick such a team but Dinesh Karthik decided to give it a try. He did leave out a few prominent names, to be honest. Some of the fans would not have really liked the team that he picked.

What Was The All-Time IPL XI That Dinesh Karthik Picked?

When picking an all-time IPL XI, one generally tends to keep himself out of the team. However, Dinesh Karthik did not do that. He was quick to add his name to that list as well. Good to see some confidence right before the IPL 2021 tournament. Karthik did not have the best last season and will want to do more this time around.

He will also be possibly eyeing a return to international cricket. Like some of his former team-mates, he will be hoping to get one last stint before he officially retires. He has still not hung up his boots. Maybe some motivation from the IPL is all that he needs.

Below is the team that Dinesh Karthik picked-

At 35, Dinesh Karthik is not getting any younger. He has limited time in international cricket and will want to make the most out of it. His fans will also be hoping that he can impress with KKR. The team from Kolkata will be keen to win yet another IPL title.

What Next For The Former KKR Skipper; Can Be Impress This Season?

After losing his captaincy to Eoin Morgan last season, Dinesh Karthik will want to impress now. He has not been able to perform at the top of his game in recent times. The star batsman will want to change that and push his team to glory once again. He tried to do too much under his captaincy, which backfired on him at times. With that being said, the pressure of being a captain is not on his shoulders now anymore.

Still have lot to offer in T20 format, says KKR skipper Dinesh Karthik- The  New Indian Express

Keeping that in mind, the batsman will want to do what he does best, score some runs. He will want to leave his mark on the tournament that will be held in India this year. That could be his one big chance to make it to the Indian team, though it will surely not be easy at all.

Some fans feel that Dinesh Karthik is past his prime. Others feel that he has still some skill and talent left in him to put up a fight. It will be interesting to see which set of fans are proven right. Can he deliver in IPL 2021?