The situation at Arsenal FC is not the best at present and the fans are turning their back on the current boss Unai Emery. The majority of fans want the Spaniard to be sacked in the near future, with a host of top coaches being linked with a job at the Emirates. A huge section of the Gooners are unhappy with the tactics that the former Paris Saint-Germain and Sevilla boss has employed in north London so far and are keen on a change.

Jose Mourinho seems to be one of the main managers at the forefront to take the job. He has been saying all the right things at present, though there is a section of the fans who don’t want the former Chelsea and Manchester United boss. However, it seems that the Portuguese manager is eager to take over at the Emirates.

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Mourinho’s recent statement on Arsenal-

“I think the biggest problem down there is that they are not doing the obvious things correctly like they are not playing the correct players in the correct positions…they are not starting their best players, players like Lucas Torreira who I personally feel was one of the best players in the last World Cup and also for Arsenal playing as the base defensive midfielder, I really do not understand this situation and also Özil.”

“You have to understand that Mesut is not Messi or Ronaldo, he will not carry your team single-handed, he is more of a creative genius and a creative genius is only as good as the attack in front of him, all these years at Arsenal he did not have the right players in front of him and now when he does, for some reason he is omitted entirely, people say he is lazy but they can not be more wrong, Özil works very hard and the football for him it is not a job like most of the players these days, football is his life, he enjoys football.”

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“In England I have got the idea that people here will prefer guys who can run and run and run for 90 minutes, so even when those guys have a bad game people will say oh at least he gave it his all, people in England do not welcome smart runners and Özil is a smart runner…so I think people in England will take a runner over a creative genius.[On what would be Arsenal’s best xi] I would say Leno, Bellerin, Holding, David Luiz, Tierney, Lucas Torreira, Ceballos, Özil, Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette. “Why no Guendouzi?” Guendouzi is a fantastic talent but in my career I have seen time and time again youngsters with immense talent do nothing because they started starting regularly for their clubs and their desire to improve went with that, they became stale, I do not want Guendouzi to end up like that, he has leadership qualities as well…I will like to say one thing that Arsenal on paper have one of the best attacks in the league but are suffering from a lack of creativity.”

Why the Gooners shouldn’t take Mourinho’s words too seriously?

If you think Emery is bad with his publicly made statements, think again. Jose Mourinho has been known to be an attention-seeker over the years. Though he starts off with a new team on the front foot, the things he thinks and says with due time has long-term consequences.

The Portuguese main-man had once said that he would never manage another club in London and England, apart from Chelsea. However, the fact remains that he already took over at Manchester United and is now keen to manage Arsenal.

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Furthermore, he has a bad habit of calling out players and tarnishing their image as well. He takes on the owners and the fans when instigated and has already been pushed out of clubs like Chelsea and United, by the players. His constant problems and the arguments that followed with Paul Pogba are the best examples of this.

The toxic environment that Mourinho creates at a football club is way worse than the one that Emery has at present. The Iker Casillas incident is one of the most shameful ones, as Mourinho mistreated the Spanish legend and lost the job there.

Lastly, Mourinho talks about Ozil being a smart-runner and a hard-worker and that he would drop Guendouzi. On that note, for one, he needs to remember that he dropped and sold Juan Mata from Chelsea due to his poor work-rate. He may make positive comments about Ozil at present, but he may do something else once he takes over.

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On the other hand, Mourinho barely developed any youngsters during his time at most clubs that he managed. He has always used experienced stars and outcasts that weren’t needed but has never really been a manager for the youth.

A young budding team like the one that Emery has at present doesn’t really need Mourinho at present. If he does take over, players like Guendouzi might be sold soon due to lack of game-time, rather than becoming a club-legend somewhere down the line. Hopefully, Raul Sanllehi and Edu Gaspar can see that as well and make the right call.