North London giants have received a huge boost in the hunt to sign Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez in the current transfer window. Despite all the rumours in the past, this could be an actual boost in the hunt to sign the Colombian international, which the club has been chasing for quite some time, with rumours of a potential deal being completed, prior to the start of the previous season.

However, this time there is an actual boost that the Gunners have received with regards to signing the 27 year old play-maker. It seems that James has returned to the Bernabeu, with Bayern Munich ending his loan-spell with them and not looking to sign him on a permanent basis.

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This means that he may once again decide to leave Los Blancos and move on with his career, either temporarily or permanently. This opens the door for a move to north London, if Unai Emery and his associates can convince the La Liga outfit to let them have Rodriguez.

Zidane had previously hinted that the player was not really part of his long-term plans at the club, though his departure from Real might have given Rodriguez some hopes. However, things are not looking too bright for him now and he could be on his way soon, looking for a new destination.

With that beings said, it is high time that Emery urges Kroenke to invest a little money in the club and make a powerful impact in Europe and European football, something that has been lacking in the recent years. If he can do so, it can be a huge boost for the fans and they could be motivated to cheer the team on with a new found spirit.

With that being said, it is rather well know that convincing the stubborn American Arsenal owner will not be an easy task, as he is already happy with the fact that his business (the club, which he treats like one) is getting him profits. The best option for the north Londoners right now will be trying to bring him in on loan, with a clause to buy at the end of the campaign.

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This would not just ensure his services to the Londoners, but also reduce the buying fee at the end of the season and Arsenal can then afford him, if they want to actually go through with the permanent deal. This is one option that they will possibly want to take, with the only creative player of the team (Ozil) said to be heading for a potential exit now, with the club looking to sell.

Emery is in need of play-makers and creative stars that can really take charge and be leaders of the team. The team is in dire need of more titles and James is a match-winner, there is no doubt about it.

Though he has not been utilized properly in recent times, there is still hope for him and he can do more for the club that he joins. Hopefully, that club is Arsenal.

Now, the main question is, can they afford him?