Former Arsenal target and Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe led the way for the Premier League’s long-overdue response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. He has become the first top-flight figure to take a wage-cut. While the PFA continued to dither over a uniform donation of players’ salaries, the Bournemouth boss voluntarily agreed to give up a “significant” chunk of his £4m-a-year pay packet during this uncertain time. It is a really positive move by Howe, which inspired more managers and clubs.

This act from the young manager comes after the Premier League clubs along with the players and the management staff received widespread criticism. They had failed to cough up proportionate contributions given their mega-rich bank balances as Coronavirus ravages society.

The fact that the likes of Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle are relying on the taxpayers for help with furloughed non-footballing staff despite their multi-million profits has left a particularly sour taste. Another club that is in trouble is Arsenal.

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Bournemouth today confirmed they also are temporarily furloughing a number of staff across all areas of the club for a minimum of three weeks. Things have not been really good in recent weeks. However, the world is hoping that things get sorted out soon as well.

The hope is is that more managers and players will try to emulate Howe, whose assistant Jason Tindall, technical director Richard Hughes and Cherries chief executive Neill Blake have also followed the manager.

What He Said-

A statement from the South Coast club read as: “There is no script for moments like this. No tactics and no set plays to find a winning formula. 

“But as a board we are continually looking at ways to ensure the future of the club and our employees are protected when the season returns.

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“These measures have been taken to safeguard the financial stability of the club during what is such an uncertain period, not only in football but for businesses in all industries across the world.”

Meanwhile, Howe also revealed that Artur Boruc and all four first-team staff who were self-isolating two weeks ago after displaying symptoms are “all fine and fully recovered”.

He admitted his fears over players’ mental well-being due to lockdown. The Cherries main-man was really concerned about how people will spend their time. He did comment on the whole situation, with people being stuck at home.

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Things have rather gone from bad to worse so far. However, the Premier League will be out of order for some time now for sure. Arsenal could have signed him but preferred Arteta instead. The Spaniard has done really well so far. His team has looked much better since his arrival.

The 42-year-old further went on to add, “Usually you have big control over players’ training, general health, even their food – getting two meals a day with us. Suddenly you lose all of that contact with them. It is more the mental wellbeing at the moment, that is probably my biggest concern.”

“The guys with families will probably have their days filled up, like mine are being, with their children – having people around the house and not feeling isolated. But it is the single guys, maybe the people that do not have a wife or a girlfriend and definitely do not have kids. They are the ones I am most worried about at this present time.”