Ex Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy has now suggested that his former team needs a player of the class of Jorginho, who can really make a difference for them at the centre of the pitch. The Reds were held to a 0-0 draw in the game against Manchester City and they put in a lacklustre performance once again, which raised quite a few eyebrows at Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Due to this, the Pundits were quite critical of the way that the team has been playing and some of them like Bellamy suggested that a solid player like the 26 year old Italy international was missing from the Kop side.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the former Wales international spoke about his former team and stated, “They’re solid enough, Liverpool are solid enough, especially with (Virgil) Van Dijk going in there. I’m not sure they need someone higher.”

“I think they need a defensive midfielder who has got creativity as well because he’s going to get a lot of the ball.”

“Jordan (Henderson), I’m a big fan of his, his intensity.”

“But at times he looks to get it too deep, he needs to play the other side of the forwards.”

“I think he is too keen to go back, too keen to go sideways.”

When further questioned, on who would be the perfect man for the Merseyside outfit, he stated, “The one that stands out straight away is Jorginho from Chelsea.”

“That type of player who is able to create, also to move men out of the way to allow one of the centre-backs to step in.”

“That’s where you can outnumber people, especially the way they play with wingers coming inside and then going wide with the full-backs.”

The midfield superstar joined the Blues from Napoli back in the summer transfer window for a fee of nearly £57m, though the deal seems to be a bargain now that we consider what he has provided them with. He has initially heading to Manchester City, though the arrival of Maurizio Sarri at Stamford Bridge changed everything.

With that being said, the 39 year old former Cardiff City man now feels that his passing ability is what makes him one of the best in the top flight of English football at the moment and exactly what Liverpool is missing.

He further criticized the skipper Henderson and his observation is something that I can totally agree with too. Even during the World Cup matches, it was quite visible that the midfielder did not have the desired effect on the games and his over-defensive play was one factor in their semi-final loss to Croatia.

When was the last time Henderson claimed an assist or scored a goal for the English giants in either the league or the cup competitions. Well, it might take you a long time to remember and you would have to keep searching for his last goal (especially wrt to EPL).

He is not the same player who was heavily linked with a move to the Nou Camp at one point of time in his career and it is best that the German manager gives Keita a push and makes him a regular, if not Fabinho who has been under-utilized so far.