Manchester United have made one of the memorable comebacks in the English Premier League. From trailing in the back to going into the top four, it has been an inspiring run from the Red Devils. Though they have drawn against the almighty Liverpool last time, United are showing quite a strong hope to go further in a good position. Of course, the credit goes to the well-managed guy Ole Gunnar Solskjær, who was once a Manchester United player too. Though the managerial profession enigma was thriving at the heart of Old Trafford, another veteran United guy Paul Scholes initiated his managerial career.

The Manchester United legend felt that the time was right as he took on the first job in management at Boundary Park and had said his ambition is a promotion. Paul Scholes had said that he will be using his contacts at Manchester United as part of his bid to boost Oldham Athletic up the leagues.

The United and England legend officially confirmed himself as the new Latics boss on an 18-month deal and he declared his view clear enough to be a strong manager in future.

United youngster Zak Dearnley is already on loan at Boundary Park and Scholes said that he would be utilizing people he knows at Old Trafford. The other top clubs are in search of players to gain promotion from League 2.

Scholes has finally accepted the job. The job in management after working as a TV pundit. He has been on the television since he hung up his boots for the final time in 2014.
When he was asked why Oldham and why now, he said that he just feels ready. He also said that there have been times in the past where the decision has been an option for him, but he never felt quite right. Then he added that he always wanted to come into this line with his full coaching badges, what he has got now with the A-licence.

Scholes thought at that point of time that the time was right. The midfielder had watched the team closely and he thought back then that they make a good team and have got some really good players. He knew and still would agree to the fact that they are a mid-table team, but he still believed that with the squad they have got, they should be pushing for promotion.

Scholes lives in a particular area for years and his dad is a die-hard Latics fan who used to watch them regularly as a kid. He also said that he dreams of restoring the club’s glory days of the late 1980s and early 1990s. As he said that he has a lot of passion for this town. He lives in the area, just 15 minutes away, which is good for him for the work. It has been 20 or 30 years since there has been real excitement at the club and it is always been a club that seems to be fighting relegation. Let’s see how the magic flows in the hand of magician.

Since taking over from the Red Devils’ legend, the team has suffered a win, a draw and a couple of losses in recent weeks.