Even a layman would know that Premier League giants Manchester United are in big trouble at the moment and they need to turn things around and fast. That is, if manager Jose Mourinho wants to retain his job as the Red Devils’ boss for a longer time, with the club already considering alternatives to bring in.

The start to the season has been rather poor and if things do not improve, it could mean the end of the Portuguese manager’s time at Old Trafford. There have been claims that Zidane could be coming to the club, though talks had not resulted in anything solid so far.

However, if the level of performances does not improve and fast, the going will only get tougher for Mourinho. The team has not functioned as a unit and it seems that the manager is already losing hold of his dressing room.

Though that has been the case, some of the ex-United players have now come out and defended the former Chelsea and Real Madrid boss. Gary Neville and Steve Bruce decided to defend Mourinho, with the former claiming that the “mess” at The Theatre of Dreams started long before his time and Bruce added that the English giants should back him.

Neville sent out a Tweet, which read as, “This mess started when United sacked David Moyes after eight months and we lost all sense of the values that the club had been built on for 100 years.”

“It’s not the manager it’s the lack of football leadership above him. They are bouncing all over the place with no plan!”


Well, the blame game has started and it will be interesting to see who eventually ends up taking the hit for the poor and destructive form that the team is in at present.

On the other hand, Bruce backed the main-man in his battle with World Cup winner Pogba and stated, “I worked under the master, Sir Alex Ferguson. He had that respect. As ­players, we didn’t always like it – but we respected him.”

“If that relationship doesn’t exist anymore, well, the lunatics will be running the asylum.

“It becomes a ­free-for-all. One person has to be ­accountable because, if that’s not the case, I can guarantee that the club – and that’s any club, not just ­Manchester United – will have ­problems. It could be anarchy.”

Some support finally for Mourinho, though the fact remains that it is the manager’s job to control his dressing room and his players. Also, if he knew that Pogba would be the root cause of a potential disruption, he should have just sold the Frenchman when he had the chance and brought in more new stars, who would actually play for him.

He already signed Fred and it would have been better, if he got in a few more stars. Honestly speaking, the Alexis Sanchez issue seems to be also a direct result on Pogba’s negative influence on the team, which is hurting United since the time when the latter took a penalty, which the Chilean had earned. It is still not known what kind of influence he has had on the other stars, though if is something similar to this, it can not be good for the team.