Two first half goals from set pieces cost BROTHERS FC a tough game against holders Nipani FA, who were just too good on the day. It was the latter that kicked off the match for top of the table clash with BROTHERS FC and managed to take charge during the first half of the game, which ensured that they would be winning it.

Pavan Sardesai’s side conceded a corner in 3rd minute. The ball was headed out by defender Ibbu, but was eventually collected by the NIPANI midfield once again. They once again pushed forward and made no mistake in putting it into the back of the net, making it 1-0.

For the next 5 minutes, the ball was in the middle of field with both teams keeping the possession and not allowing their rivals the freedom to create anything serious. The first attack for BROTHERS FC came in 9th minute when MUZZU sent a long ground ball from his own half, but JAYESH couldn’t reach it and the chance was wasted.

In the 12th minute, NIPANI attacker was caught offside after a quickly-taken good throw in had created some space initially. In the 14th minute, TAHA was caught offside when a cross sent in from right flanks by SHAIKH. The attacker flicked it to back of the net, but the goal was eventually ruled out.

In 17th minute, a corner was awarded to Nipani that was wasted, though when they got a second chance in the 21st minute, they took it long instead. This time the long corner was utilized well and it was scored by PRASHANT AJREKAR, making the score 2-0 in the first-half itself.

In the next 8 minutes that did follow, it was an all out-attack by BROTHERS with long balls and more, but the NIPANI FA defenders were never really worried. They kept defending well, clearing the ball easily and making their rivals work harder.

It was high time for a substitution for BROTHERS FC and ABRAR went OUT, with SHABAZ coming IN. In the 29th minute, a cross was sent in by MAZZ but it was too high for striker JUNED. There were no more changes in the half and the first half ended with the score 2-0.

In the second half, most of the possession and attack by Brothers Fc, but they just couldn’t convert. Nipani went full defensive and though the attacks were consistent, there was no breaking down the champions’ back-line. Despite the chances that were created right through, neither side had the luck to go on and score another goal and the game ended with the final score 2-0 in favour of NIPANI FA.

BROTHERS FC would have been really disappointed with the result, as it was their first loss of the season. The coach was missing from this match due to some crucial alternate commitments.

BROTHERS FC will face off against COSMAX on the 28th of JANUARY, Monday at 4.15 pm in 4th quarter final of the tournament. We at Beyond The Posts will hoping that they can recover and fight back from this loss.

(based on the match report by Veeresh Mallabadi)