The Gunners legend has called the axed Arsenal boss Unai Emery “delusional” over his recent interview to France Football. Emery was sacked in November after his team went on a seven match winless run. He had failed to bring about a real change at the club and was let go off eventually.

In a recent interview to France Football, Emery had said that Arsenal were on a downward slope for two years before he arrived. The Spaniard stopped this fall and even began to rebuild the club with the Europa League final and fifth place in the league. They ended the season only one point off of Tottenham despite the fact that we took just one point in the final five matches. The Londoners had Champions League qualification in our grasp and it went wrong in the end but were continuing to improve.

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Further, he added that four captains: Koscielny, Cech, Ramsey and Monreal departed the club. They were personalities that were missed and some of them did not have a good attitude and asked for more than what they were giving back. Taking all of that into account, time was needed to succeed with the transition to a new Arsenal. He further gave Nicolas Pepe’s example for the same and took some of the blame as well.

Meanwhile, the recent form of the north London club is getting better since he left and Arteta’s men are currently on a seven-match unbeaten run.

Wright said on the Kelly & Wrighty show: “I was there yesterday, they were doing their press day, and you can feel it – you know what it is like, you know when there is a good atmosphere in and around the club. You can feel it. ‘Under the old manager it was like a regime, it was not very enjoyable, they did not know where they were going, there was not a lot of direction in what they were doing. And when you hear the quotes from Unai Emery… delusional comments if you ask me.”

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“Yes [they got to Europa League final] but it was the worst performance of an Arsenal team in a final. Because again, whatever he says, the players were not happy, there was not a vision or direction, the communication was poor. ‘He can say whatever he wants about how well he has done because he has got the “facts” there but that team was going nowhere. When you look at his record, for him to come out and say stuff like that… ‘This is the difference with Arsene Wenger, 21 years, he doesn’t come out and stay stuff like that. He [Emery] was coming in as the guy that was going to steer us back and everyone gave him the support.”

“He was a gentleman when he was at the club, but to hear him say those things is quite sad to see. For me, he is probably looking for a new job, trying to put himself back out there. ‘Mikel Arteta has given Arsenal direction and focus now and that’s what he [Emery] didn’t give us.’ He added: ‘At the end of the day, I am all about Mikel and what Mikel is trying to do because we’ve got draws, but there is definite improvement. It is more important to speak about Mikel than Unai now.”