Covid-19 has taken a toll on every phase of our life and evidently on cricket as well. After a lot of complications, BCCI finally gave a green signal to conduct the IPL 2020 in the United Arab Emirates. A set of strict rules have been introduced keeping the pandemic situation in mind. Some of them are rather strange and have caught the audience’s attention quickly.

The television viewership of IPL 2020 is at a record all-time high. The reason behind this is that not many other forms of cricket are in action currently and IPL appeals the most among them. Also, the fans are tuning in to see their favourite players after such a huge break.

The Real Reason Why Two Caps Are Being Used By Fielders In IPL 2020

The players did not get much time to prepare for the season as it had a rather abrupt start. Thus, they are especially having a hard time coping up with the new Covid-19 rules. Virat Kohli recently was seen on screen almost spitting on the ball but then controlling himself. This got huge social media traction as this act is prohibited under the new Covid-19 rules.

IPL 2020 Points Table, Orange and Purple Cap latest update: KKR, RCB in top  4, KXIP effectively out of playoffs

A similar strange incident was witnessed during the RCB vs KKR match. Eoin Morgan and Aaron Finch were seen wearing two caps while fielding. This confused many of the fans.

In reality, it was the cap of the bowler which they were wearing. Usually, a bowler hands over his accessories to the field umpire while bowling. Due to the new Covid-19 rules, the bowler is not allowed to do so. A player from the fielding side has to keep the bowler’s cap instead.

What Are The Other Key Rules And Roles To Be Followed By Everyone?

It is of utmost importance that the support staff, including the umpires, remain fully fit. That is why this rule has been introduced to avoid contact. 

All the teams are staying inside their secure bio-bubble hotels and no one is supposed to leave it. The players are also being tested before every match. The organizers are taking full care that all the rules be followed properly. It is good to see that the teams are operating pretty well. Now that half the season is completed, the players have become habituated to these new rules.

Here's the reason why fielders are wearing 2 caps in IPL matches

What Will Happen Next As We Head Towards The Business End Of The Tournament?

There are many other rules similar to these which are left to be practically observed. Hopefully, in the upcoming matches, we can get a glimpse of all those rules.

After each team has played about 10 matches, Mumbai Indians are currently at the top of the table while CSK, surprisingly, is at the bottom. This has so far been a full packed season with nail-biting matches and thrilling ends. Truly this season has been one of the most exciting seasons of all time. Not only because of the venue and the covid protocols, but this IPL season will also be remembered for being so unexpected.