Jose Mourinho

Manchester United’s defensive minded midfielder Ander Herrera is on the peak of receiving a fresh renewal on his contract sooner rather than later. Signed from Athletic Bilbao in the summers of 2014, under then coach Louis Van Gaal, Herrera stay at Old Trafford has been a roller-coaster ride.  The Spaniard was highly rated when he played in La liga and he made no adjustments to his disciplinary attitude while landing in himself in the English football.

The Dutch coach used him as an assets to persist his project in the team, the midfielder proving a real dictator of his position by so. He clinched a lot of game minutes under his reign and was the catapult in keeping the balance of the team, both in offense and defence, from the middle corridor of the pitch. Still a youngster, Herrera almost turned out to be Red devil’s Sergio Busquets as he reached tremendous height in his position but it all changed when Mourinho took the managerial charge in motive to pull the club back to its old glory.

However, Ander was in plans of Mourinho in his first season. Yes, not in all games but in most of it. Truly because of the defensive minded approach the Portuguese implemented in since arriving. Unfortunately, Herrera failed to keep up his charming form and consistency in certain games, even though his stats were too much positive, along with other teammates which cumulated in a frustrating sixth position finish in the premier league.

Despite winning the league cup and most importantly the Europa league to receive Champions league football, Mourinho was criticized of not creating the best from the squad. So, as usual, United jumped into transfer business once again to reformulate the existing squad with a giant Serbian Nemanja Matic reunion with the manager from Chelsea.  That deal caused a huge blow to Herrera’s proceedings as he began to warm the bench. Matic did quite well in his first season in his new jersey and engaged in a strong partnership with Paul Pogba in the midfield that is been carried in the current season as well. Though the club is still suffering through a hard time, the partnership remains unchanged for the majority of games. Hence, this resulted in Herrera’s unstable stay at the club and led to speculation of club exit.

Now Mourinho finds benefit in keeping the Spaniard intact in the club. Herrera is in the concern in Jose’s tactics. He’s been deployed in crucial matches to extract results and soon this is turning out to be something special for him. The most deserted season in modern football that the club is facing, it needs some reinforcement to keep the pillars up. It is thought to be Herrera is here to behave as a trump card for Mourinho even though he has Mauroine Fellani, his trusted Belgian, in the ranks. And as a case, Herrera might be getting a fresh new seal on the table. This is also to shoo off Barcelona interest as the Catalan giant looks him to be a long term replacer of Busquets. The contract that is in the process of three years and this means Jose is searching for the ability of this player in a bigger deal in future concerns.