Jimmy Neesham

One of the gentlest cricketers to have ever graced the game, sporting an evergreen smile always across his lips, Kane Williamson recently celebrated his birthday. His adorable stature makes everyone whoever supports him or is even against him, flicker in his grace. His batting and fielding prowess makes him one of the finest batters in cricket at the moment, as he shares the race to the ace with his counterparts Steven Smith and Virat Kohli.

Leading a bunch of youngsters that went on to push England to the last ball of the super over only to be tamed in boundary count. Williamson did a fabulous job as he steered the Kiwis in several pressure-cooker situations.

When the entire world was busy wishing the Kiwi skipper, Jimmy Neesham, an all-rounder who played a pivotal role in helping New Zealand to reach the finals didn’t really bother. He wasn’t to be found, in the mandatory tradition of wishing his captain. Sensing a significant negative development between the two, a fan peaked in. He was asking Neesham about this untoward flick of behaviour.

However, the all-rounder silenced him in stunning fashion, saying, “If you know Kane well, the best gift you can give him is NOT putting an Instagram wishing him a happy birthday.”

The Similarity Between Virat Kohli And Kane Williamson

In fact, Kohli and Williamson share an amazing bond between them. This was even seen chatting on the fence when India met New Zealand in their tour to the island earlier. Erstwhile Kiwi skipper, Turner heaped praises on Kane, stating that he is a much better batsman in tough situations.

Both the captains have left a significant mark in the cricketing canon with their individual batting and fielding flair. Their leadership has also been involved in honing two fine cricketing sides in international cricket.

With India being a spinner-friendly nation, the batsmen love to play out spin. Effectively deal with the art of trading slow bowling in a comprehensive fashion. Wherein, New Zealand pitches are more seamer-friendly. Pacers love to use those tracks to vaunt about the incredulous movement of the ball.

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What Turner Said About Virat Kohli?

In an interview with Telegraph, Turner stated, “Kohli is less likely to have been exposed early in his development to seaming pitches and the ball continues to swing for extended periods, whereas Williamson will have experienced those conditions more often.”

He concluded, “I would only say that under tougher batting conditions, I would back Williamson ahead of Kohli. Under good batting conditions, Kohli is likely to be more dominant, thereby providing his team with more time to get a favourable result.”