With confusion raging wild across newly formed DC fans and several discourses raking the households of the local Batmen inside our heads, one of the most imperative moots is about the efficiencies of their counterparts. Then may it be the clown-prince of madness or may it be Ra’s Al-Ghul’s various impersonations, there is more talk now about the personalities of Batwoman and Batgirl, which are quite distinguished. As the season one of Batwoman draws to a close on the CW Network, it is time to enlighten the fans disrupting the mist of uncertainty now.

There is a rife notion in several newly-formed firebrands of DC that they are the same character, demarcated by age. However, sorry for a rude awakening, but this isn’t correct.These are two separate identities altogether and have very different powers and kinship with Batman. This is exactly what the article will delineate for you.

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Batwoman was the first one to appear down the pike but wasn’t a major superhero in the making. Playing as Batman’s enamour in most of the comics, she was shown the exit a few days later.

Batgirl, however, was the scion of the leading sleuth of Gotham, Jim Gordon. Her actual name was Barbara Gordon who took the Batgirl gimmick, only to rise and then get shot and paraplegic in the comic “The Killing Joke”. She later regained her status as a superhero and adapted the name Oracle to spearhead the posse called Birds of Prey.

She was also later revived from her paralysis and went onto become a wiser Batgirl, who suffered the brunt of PTSD. Though in her thirties, Barbara never relinquishes her title as Batgirl and in several comics, remain as the vanguard of Birds of Prey as Oracle, to whom newly vested identities of Batgirls reported.

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Now to smoke things up for the DC fans, the universe revives Batwoman. Two different characters play the lead to this. Kathy Kane and Kate Kane are the separate nomenclatures ruling the roost for this ancient woman redivivus.

Kathy Kane plays the original Batwoman, whose backdrop serves as a wealthy heiress with links to the circus. One of the major differences that set these two characters apart is Batman’s romantic interest in her.

Kate Kane’s life credentials are similar to Kathy until the initial part but get polarised in the end. She is a lesbian and is also an erstwhile West Point cadet. She is one of the next generation heroes, working with the son of Lucious Fox, Lucas ‘Luke’ Fox.

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With Birds of Prey, soon about to hit the big screens, I hope that this explanation will set a lot of wildly envisaged speculations right for you and your fancies with the love interest of Batman may now take a back seat. The road is far from over for the “Caped Crusader” and hopefully, some of these characters can now draw more limelight in the days to come.

These vivid personalities are the ones that can add an extended dimension to the Bat’s persona, which would at times be bleak without their inception in the first place. Whether it is to inspire or to absorb the darkness within, only time will tell.