The pandemic has stopped all sporting events across the globe at present. The issue is a serious one and the countries have been trying their best to fight it. A lot of organisations have been involved in dealing with this problem worldwide. One such organisation is the NHS in the UK. They have been working hard to help people suffering from this disease. Robbie and AFTV tried their best to help the NHS by doing a fund-raiser quite recently.

As part of the event, I (Nitish Bhan) was invited on the 24-hr Live Fundraiser as an Indian Arsenal fan. The event was organized by AFTV in association with the United Stand. It accumulated more than £18,000, which was a significant contribution.

With that being said, the conversation with Robbie was a really good one. Here is the video of our full conversation below-

The topics that we covered were, included a talk on the pandemic and how it had impacted lives. Further, Robbie asked me about India and the whole impact that the pandemic had on Live Sports.

Further, there was a chat about the IPL, the Indian Leagues and the fanbase in India. Obviously, Manchester United and Liverpool dominate that segment at present. However, the Arsenal fans are right there at the top as well.

A slight dig at Chelsea should not be forgotten. A set of fans that believe that the Premier League started off when Jose Mourinho arrived in England. So not true.

The full video of that session can be seen below-



Are Robbie and AFTV coming to India?

Towards the end of the conversation, Robbie mentioned how he would love to visit India. A lot of top Bloggers and Vlobbers love the hospitality that India has to offer. AFTV is right here at the top at present, with 1.15 million subscribers.

However, there is still a huge Indian audience left to connect with. Surely, a visit to India and interactions with local Indian audiences can change that. Every big brand knows what an Indian audience is capable of.

With that being said, I welcomed Robbie and AFTV to India. Our guests are always treated with honour and respect. So, we would surely be proud to have them on board and probably start off something spectacular in India as well.

The truth about Indian football

India still has a long way to go with respect to growth. No matter how much we deny it, cricket is still the dominant sport in India. Though the market has now opened up to other sports as well, the journey has just begun.

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No matter what happens, we need to keep moving forward in India. AFTV could be the key to a lot of positive change. Let’s hope that this pandemic ends soon and that we can welcome our amazing guests to this nation that has always given so much.

It could be time for a change. A change where we rise through the rankings and deliver some footballing legends as we have done in the past.