It was Manchester City, who won the Premier League last time and Pep Guardiola was one of the main reasons behind this hook up of the Premier League side. Manchester City lead the league table for almost all the time and clinched the league like a boss. It was a gap of more than ten points with the second position team, the arch-rival Manchester United. It is Amazon Network Cooperation who made a brilliant biography about the journey of the club to their league victory. The eight-part Amazon documentary series covers the season Mirabilis – 2017-18 when City won the league with record points, wins and goals.

They played the beautiful game more beautifully ever than it’s been played in the history of the Premier League. Fans of City say it’s incredible and rivals say it’s a must-see. Even the non-football fans were waxing lyrical. Perhaps that’s part of the problem. As a City fan, you just can’t get over having pleasures from ‘All or Nothing’. The wonderful goals, the sheer likability of the players and the must tell astonishing professionalism of a club and the captain, Vincent Kompany.

It has been said that he had only one boxing glove in the gym and no door on the toilet when he arrived a decade ago. Then comes the star of the show, the former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola. No matter how many times you hear his motivational speeches, one just can’t get over his saying except for the multiple fucks and the concluding “OK guys let’s go”.

Moreover, the documentary received a mixed applause where some praised the project and some believed there were parts of it that seemed staged. Though the overall success of the documentary has now reportedly seen Amazon approaching the other Premier League side Liverpool.

They have given their proposal about doing the same this season with Jurgen Klopp’s side one of the favourites to win the title. However, according to the news, the German manager has turned down the offer and he is not willing to do any projects like this. The report claims many of Liverpool’s top brass, including American owner John Henry showed some serious interests to let the cameras in and gave the green light for the documentary.
Though Klopp has put his foot down and voiced his concerns over the series being filmed.
The former Borussia Dortmund boss thinks that nothing can be gained from it and reckons people’s behaviour changes when in front of the camera.  Klopp is keen to maintain the harmony in the dressing room and he invites no interruption. As he said that denying them so often is not what a lot of teams have done that.
He also said that it was necessary for them to play good, the atmosphere was fantastic and it was so special to do these things in this stadium. Its an high mountain that the Merseyside have to climb and Klopp is believing in his army. Liverpool is now in the second position in the league table behind Manchester City.