One win and one defeat, this the story too far for Barcelona in the pre-season campaign.Though the Dutch keeper Jasper Cillessen was sloppy against Roma, Barcelona had quite a few points to cherish on. The two signings Arthur Melo and Malcom got goals by their name where alternatives like Rafinha and Linglet were brilliant too. Iniesta wouldn’t be there next season so that Barcelona focused quite minutely to sign some effective midfield options.

The two Brazilian Midfielders Arthur Melo and Malcom are the new signings for the Catalans this season. Though it seems they are to gonna rest here. As the recent rumours suggest that the La Liga champions are targeting another world class midfielder and it is none other the World Cup winner Paul Pogba.

The French midfielder was inconsistent last time in Premier League and Mourinho took no time to drop him from quite a few matches. Though Pogba bounced back quite impressively in the World Cup to help his country win the eternal glory. Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho hinted about the departure of the 25-years-old Frenchman before the World Cup campaign and it may take place as well. Though giving away Pogba wouldn’t come so easily to the Spanish league holders.

According to the reports, Mourinho would demand the Croatian holding midfielder Ivan Rakitic in exchange of Pogba. Rakitic has been terrific for his country and his club for last few years and seems going through his peak time. It is reported that Mourinho would be ‘more than happy’ to let Pogba go if he gets Rakitic. On the other hand, the news in Spain depict that the Los Blancos side are ready to sell their Croatian midfielder on whom Mourinho is interested too.

Mateo Kovacic is rumoured to leave Santiago Bernabeu due to having less time inside the pitch. He already stated his view of his grievance of not having enough playing minutes in Spain.

If Mourinho misses Rakitic and could do nothing about Pogba, he may cash in for the Madrid midfielder. United is rumoured to set free the Frenchman on a £89m deal where Barcelona manager may take his offer anyway.

Ernesto Valverde has already expressed his admiration for the world cup winner and gave him preference over Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara. Pogba netted six goals in last season and dropped in many due to inconsistency. Mourinho was clear in his language when he was asked about his future. He said that he doesn’t think that it’s about them to get the best out of Pogba, it’s about him (Pogba) giving the best to the team.

He also said that he thinks the World Cup is the perfect habitat for a player like Pogba to give the best. World Cup is a place where a player remains with his team on the training camp being completely isolated from the external world.

He is focused and motivated. Moreover, if Barcelona could manage a deal to way in the Frenchman without losing Rakitic, it would be the deal of the season. Pogba joined United in a record fee and maybe another big one is coming soon.