Ander Herrera looks relatively unhappy at Manchester United since Jose came in and he’s isn’t looking nice with all the bench warming activities he’s undertaking game by game by showing no signs of contract extension. The talented midfielder bought from Athletic Bilbao in 2014 is finding no suitability in Jose Mourinho’s plan as he wishes for a change of mood, possibly returning to his homeland. The story of Herrera in Manchester United is sort of a roller-coaster ride with the Spaniard only deployed on the pitch when alarmed of his business. But it has turned out to be obsolete story now as the defensive minded player is making no intent to sign a contract extension earlier than ever, the existing one running out at the end of the season.

However, the story was not the same when he was brought to the club. Dutch tactician Louis Van Gaal bought the youngster from Spain and added him to his first team plans almost every game. Herrera played outstandingly in his prime season at the club, proving almost a rock in front of the back four as United finished fourth in the campaign. The kid from the club Zaragoza got quick feet to mature in Old Trafford creating a lot of beneficiary proposals for his team.

Matter became an explosive one when United dropped one place in the 2015/16 season standings. Some deserted results, including Champions league exit, star signing misfiring and lack of defensive composition led to the downfall of the manager short named as ‘LVG’. And so went Herrera’s dominance with him.  When Mourinho stepped in, fans knew that he will make of the most of his speciality in order to retard the club back to its supremacy in the league. Though he won trophies in his first season, the whole world got acknowledged about his broken tactics that only added up the dismays after Sir Alex Ferguson.  Herrera in that period stayed strong and displayed his winning mentality on the pitch but everything fell asleep with graph down performances eroding the very structure of the club’s potential to hold top places.

Herrera’s commitment got a blow when Mourinho invited Chelsea’s experienced Serbian Nemanja Matic, whom he managed earlier at Stamford Bridge, in the ranks. Positioned similar to that of Herrera, though less attack wise, Matic bought the fundamentals of him to the team and it helped United finished second last season even though nothing was taken for granted. It is not like Matic is a high profile signing that changed proceedings but he is someone that creates a strong partnership with Paul Pogba in the centre of the pitch. Whatever it might be, Herrera’s exit was then confirmed but it didn’t made up headlines that time because he still found himself in the memory of the Portuguese boss for he enjoyed call up to fulfil some important tasks in team’s critical situations like he did against Sevilla in the Champions League to cover up Paul’s injury or in most recent past in the Manchester derby.

His irregularity in getting minutes and not really commendable approach from the manager of when to use him or not unsettles his focus that is clearly defined by his gameplay. For example against Juventus, Herrera became a roadblock when United pushed forward on the other hand by making solid interceptions and distributing required passes quickly to aid United’s stunning comeback at Turin. But the next game all went wrong. At Etihad, he was given up the task to keep tabs on David Silva side by side replacing Pogba, though Fellani was conceal for that task. He failed miserably as Silva swung the wand of City’s orchestra for the whole game scoring one and allowing one to seal his side’s victory.  Such things only signals a player’s lack of creditability for the club.And for Herrera it is obvious he will change his duty soon by waving away that contract if it comes to the table anytime soon.

Now the question is, which jersey will Herrera be wearing if he’s returning to La Liga action? The answer at the moment says a possible patch-up with Bilbao once again. It is true that Barcelona were looking at him for a long term replacement of the Catalan protagonist Sergio Busquets but feels now that they have got more than enough midfield options to cope up with even though  its not a matter to think about at the moment. Moreover, there is a switch of personnel in the board as club president Josu Urrutia is stepping down from his post, a person in dislike for Herrera, allowing Ander to be in the part of election for a new appointment to the chair. Such involvement may well change the color of his shirt but the existing red one might be wishing to tie him down with a clause or some other money works to prevent losing him on free. But that depends upon how everything gets sorted this season for the club and the player himself.