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Mohammad Yousuf Picks This Indian Cricketer- The debate to tag the best batsman in the world continues to flourish on social media. Many former cricketers and legends have expressed their opinion on the same. Some have suggested that it is Indian skipper Virat Kohli, others have had their own say as well. Another name to be added to this list is Mohammad Yousuf. The former Pakistani cricketer has now had his say on the topic.

Considered one of the most technically gifted batsmen of his generation, Yousuf has always admired quality. Whether it has been on the pitch or off of it, he has been a gentleman.

Though he has seen his share of ups and downs, the cricketer enjoyed each challenge that he faced. With that being said, he has now also tagged King Kohli as the best in the world.

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The fans already know that Virat Kohli has forever been a thorn in the flesh of India’s arch-rivals Pakistan. Ever since he made his debut, he has been doing well against them in particular. In fact, just in his fourth ODI innings against Pakistan, Kohli smashed a massive 183. The score still remains his highest individual score in 50-over cricket till date.

Many feel that Kohli could very well break the world record of his idol Sachin Tendulkar, something that not too many can dream of doing. He has been praised by the legends of the game for his various qualities. Kohli is known for his machine-like consistency and this has raised the debate often about his greatness.

Many across the border don’t really like him the same way that Indians do. However, the latest to join the Kohli bandwagon is former Pakistan middle-order giant Mohammad Yousuf.

During a live interactive session with the fans on Twitter, a fan asked Yousuf to describe Kohli in one word. As a reply, he wrote, “No 1 at the moment. Great player.”

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What Does This Mean With Respect To The Debate?

Well, though the debate about the “best in the world” is endless. It is good to see more and more legends giving their opinions on the subject. Another player who has now put the Indian cricketer on top of the pile.

Things are locked-down at present, as it is. There is no international cricket happening at present. Very few sporting activities are going on across the globe. At such a point of time, it is great to know the opinions of these cricketing legends.

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Meanwhile, the Indian fans will be happy to see the mutual respect coming from across the border. They have been cheering for Kohli over the years. The interesting part is that no one really knows whether he will be able to break Sachin’s record or not.

The pandemic has taken away some crucial months of cricket that could have impacted the record books. Hopefully, things are back to normal soon. Cricket is being missed worldwide and the fans want it back. Only time will tell when we will be able to get back to normal life. Hopefully soon.