England’s vice-captain Ben Stokes is having the time of his life. He is in good form and performing well at present. After lifting the 2019 Cricket World Cup, things have been great for the all-rounder. He was even made the skipper since the restart in the first Test match. In the absence of Joe Root, he did fairly well leading the side. However, the result did not land in his favour.

Despite that, the player has been performing consistently. Stokes even scored the first century of all time at Lords in the second match of the series. The English cricket team bounced back in the second game. They drew the series 1-1 and are now trying to win the third and final Test. It is looking like a game that is in their favour.

Ben Stokes Is Once Again In The News

However, the focus right now is not on his cricketing talent. Social Media and Twitter, in particular, have a bad habit of highlighting things at times. Such is the case once again with respect to Stokes.

Superlative Ben Stokes approaches batting fulfilment ...

We have seen this happen in the past as well. Whether it is something silly, funny or a fight/outbreak, fans love to get things trending. This time it is Stokes and the fans can’t stop talking about a brown patch that they found.

What Social Media Is Currently Talking About?

The fans are trolling and taking shots at the World Cup winner on Twitter. A spot on his pants was spotted and highlighted during the game. It became a matter of laughter between Ben Stokes and Joe Root on the pitch.


The two were seen having fun on the field. Eventually, the cameras and the fans, along with the commentators caught up too. As always, it went viral. Eventually, there were a lot of trolls and jokes going around.

At the end of it all, Ben Stokes had to come out and address the situation. Below is what he said about the entire situation.

ENG vs WI | Ben Stokes reveals hilarious reason behind brown stain on his  pants on Day 2 of 3rd Test in Manchester | Cricket News – India TV

Not The First Time This Has Happened?

Prior to Stokes, the incident had happened with another Aussie player. Tim Paine (captain) had trended due to the same. Hence, when this happened, a lot of fans had sympathy for Paine.

The former Australian keeper had been trolled as well. He had become the talk of the town at that point in time. This time it was Stokes’ turn to be in the limelight and he did indeed.

The all-rounder has been getting a lot of media and Social Media attention since England won the World Cup. This was just another incident that reflected the same. Hopefully, the fans keep appreciating him for all the right reasons now.

England is on the verge of winning the Third Test and the series indeed. The rain has stopped play for now. However, when it does resume, they will have a huge advantage over the visitors. Let’s see how things plan out in this third and final Test.