The Saga So Far

As Paul Pogba was in the infancy of his second United career, he was a much better player this time. It was quite evident this time that he would have a huge bearing on the club’s future and provide the much needed quality for the long-run. He started off in the game against Southampton at home on a balmy Friday evening in August 2016. A year on, his importance has grown and he just hasn’t stopped proving his worth.

A couple of things happened in the off-season to catapult that growth in importance into the stratosphere. The first is obviously the signing of Matic to be a foil for Pogba proved an instant success.

Matic’s naturally strong defensive instincts and the added discipline allowed his team-mate the freedom, as many would have predicted when the duo started off together. Further, Matic has proved a great on-ball foil for Pogba too, as it improved their game together. The Serbian is more than able to beat a man and draw opposition attention to himself, giving Pogba more room. His pass-and-move game is strong as well, which helps them brilliantly complement each other on the pitch.

As “The Special One” reigned as the Manchester United manager. He was seemingly struggling. Was getting dispossessed. Again that fear factor of Pogba’s first United United career had been occurring in everyone’s mind! He was seemingly losing himself on the pitch. Hardly you could see him shining in the field like the last year. Mourinho benched him several times. He wasn’t the in choice of Mourinho’s long run first XI. Mourinho being failed as a United manager, so he was sacked. In those days Pogba was already out of form and focus.

Former United legend, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was appointed then as the stopgap manager. He held Pogba up, bring him back on the track. And from the very first match under Solskjaer, Pogba started shining.

Again he became the lead maestro in the “Theatre of Dreams”. Pogba’s stats of the
season’s later half, especially after Solskjaer became manager, were illustrious! That time the fluidity, the passion and the dedication he had possessed, were extraordinary.
Season ends and the rumours started growing higher that Pogba is likely to be changing his bio from a “Red Devil” to a “Galáctico”. Time will speak, whether it’s gonna be for or against the rumours.

He was already important this time last year, but a gap between him and Mourinho made the Frenchman assaulted. After Ole’s arrival, now he is essentially the player on whom the “Manchester United” named edifice rests. When he was out, United struggled. Many warned against too much expectation on his return, but instead United immediately looked brilliant again, and he was the fiercest among all.

Just 5-6 months ago, he probably was United’s most reason of headache! Now when he has found his rhythm, maybe is on his way to the Santiágo Bernabéu. If he really goes, then it will be a massive void to be for the Red Manchester, because he easily claims top spot here in United, especially after the 2nd half of the season he played!

Gabriele Marcotti’s Recent Comment

As per a recent comment made by Football expert Gabriele Marcotti, the France World Cup winner is not desperate to leave Old Trafford. He has suggested that Pogba, not just wants the money, but is also keen on having an assurance about what the future holds for him and the team, at the Manchester based side.

The Red Devils have the funds to offer the Frenchman better money and are keen on building the team around him. With that being said, they could offer him a better, long-term contract in the days to come. This transfer saga is far from over.