There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Bhool Bhulaiyaa was a successful movie. Most Indians watching it in the theatres or sitting at home would have surely enjoyed it. However, though the movie was great, it was not perfect. Akshay Kumar is known to make great films but though this flick had a lot of positives, some of the negatives were left unsaid too.

A movie with a great cast and a great heart, along with equally good music. An attractive topic and a gorgeous setting for a brilliant screenplay. The story well planned and a lavish happy ending. Despite that, there were some problems that clearly caught the eye.

The Real Problem That Needs Change

Though the entertainment level of this movie was really high, the editing was not really up to the mark. Many scenes that could have been expansive were cut down and the time per scene reduced. This killed the momentum that was built and it felt as if the story was being rushed.

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The characters were given a great push initially, though that didn’t really last. The Chaturvedi family and their relatives, all had a good entrance into the frame. The likes of Paresh Rawal, Amisha Patel and even Rajpal Yadav could have done so much more. However, the detailing was quite poor.

There was barely any time given to Shiny Ahuja and Vidya Balan on-screen to show more of their chemistry. To add to that, it seemed that Akshay Kumar’s character (Dr. Aditya Shrivastav) was always on the clock. He seemed to be always in a hurry to get answers and there was no waiting time at all.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

The entire script which could have been a slow treat was eventually rushed into a cheap-thrill. Even the climax that was so well made ended rather abruptly. Was it the timeline that was the problem or the fact that they wanted to keep the movie rather short, no one will know this secret.

The budget did not really seem that much of a problem, considering the huge star-cast that they had. Keeping that in mind, the editing was just not up to the mark and there could have been so much more. Some of the basic parts were just rather unnecessary and could have been skipped if the total time was really a problem.

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Was Total-Time The Problem?

Maybe the fact that it was already a 2hr 39m minute movie, played part in that. However, we have had three-hour movies before. Also, in movies which are this entertaining and there is a superb climax, the audience barely feels the slowdown. Despite that, it was not used properly and was rather disappointing. Everything ended so quickly, after such a long and strong buildup.

Rating wise, the movie was great fun to watch and hopefully, there are more such movies in the future. With Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 all set to be released later this year, there are a lot of expectations from the likes of Kartik Aaryan and co.

We at Beyond The Posts hope that this one flaw is eliminated in this upcoming movie. It would be great to see yet another perfect story (hopefully) receive a fabulous ending. Only time will tell (Pun Intended).

Overall rating- 7.5/10