For the people who believe that Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis left Arsenal Football Club in the best possible condition, your are living in an alternate reality and the truth is far from it. The club could not have been left in a worse condition and the two took their money and left, with the audiences giving them the best farewell possible.

Now, what most Gooners don’t realize is that we already have one of worst wage-structure in the country and some of the average players are making more money than some other top stars. Due to this, our seasoned-tickets are the costliest across the Premier League, despite the fact that our owner, Stan Kroenke is not ready to spend a penny for the club’s overall growth and development.

With that being said, Mesut Ozil, a player who has been inconsistent for the north London giants is being paid a salary of £350,000 a week. Aaron Ramsey, who is all set to leave the club at present was being paid £110,000 a week. See the difference.

Due to the fact that they are paying the German World Cup winner this kind of big money, the club is not able to afford too many new players. Not just Ozil, a lot of other stars who are not even in the first-team regularly are getting more money than the first choice players.

The best example of this is the fact that Carl Jenkinson is making more money than Lucas Torreira, though the latter is a key figure in the playing eleven, while the former could be sold any time now.

Also, players like Chambers, Ospina and a few others are kept amongst the ranks and sent out of loan, when they have no future left at the Emirates, it can be said. Why not just let them go and move on with their careers and we buy new quality stars.

The best example of this irony is Joel Campbell, who was with the north London giants for a period of more than seven years and away on loan, though he was never sold. Trust me, Wenger has messed up a lot more than what meets the eye.

Unai Emery, who has just come in is trying to make things right, though the owner is still not ready to spend. He wants the Ozil problem to be eliminated, with the play-maker anyways not fitting into his style of play. The main difference between Emery and Wenger is the fact that for the former Sevilla and PSG boss, the team is bigger than one player, while Wenger’s side looked very weak without Ozil after Alexis Sanchez left.

He uses a midfield that puts in a high work-rate and tires down the opposition players (midfield and defence) in the first half of a game. After that, the Spaniard makes changes and goes in all attack to hurt the tiring opposition. However, with Ozil, that is never possible as his work-rate is “pathetic”.

He has the creative edge over most of the current stars in the squad right now, if not all. Despite that, it is crucial to understand that he is not the best-fit for the Emery way. Due to this, the Arsenal boss has his differences with the player and is hoping that he probably leaves soon, putting an end to the outdated wage-system.

It is better to struggle short-term than in the long-run and that is why I feel that Emery needs to be backed, than booed. He has barely spent six months or so at the club and it is too quick to judge him. For the people who were delusional that the north Londoners could win the league this season or finish in the top four, this is just a reality check now. Everything good takes time and so will this!! Be patient!!