One of the most heartwarming moments from Avengers: Endgame was between Ironman and his daughter when they say goodnight and exchange the famous phrase ” I love you 3000″. Just to shake up your memory a little, this phrase was also repeated after Ironman’s funeral through a hologram message. The movie takes you through a roller-coaster ride, where as a fan you cheer, you laugh, you cry like a baby and in the end, it all feels like in place.

However the significance of that phrase with Tony Stark while bidding his daughter goodnight was symbolic, as that has been the chemistry of his character with the ardent Avengers fans. It all started with him and now it will only be his memories that will remind us of him. Since the success of the movie, the phrase has become a rage over social media and also among people. Like all fan theories, this phrase also had a lot of theories among people in social media.

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The 3000 numeric has been justified by fans in different ways, however, know they will be surprised that there is a concrete meaning for the famous phrase (that they suggested). 3000- is actually the summation of the run-time of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies up till the movie Spiderman: Far From Home, which has some scenes related to Avengers Endgame.

However, the movie directors Joe and Anthony Russo have denied the theory claiming it to be purely out of coincidence. Addressing the media they said: “We worked really hard to make sure… we’ve been planning that since Winter Soldier,” Joe joked to Deco Drive, adding, “No, I mean that is absolutely coincidental, we are not that smart.”

Anthony added: “It is hard enough to make these movies, trying to hit a minute count like that seems off the mark”. Avengers Endgame will be re-releasing on with extra scenes again in theatres on June 28. The new version of the movie is set to have eight minutes of bonus footage which will be fascinating for the fans all over the world. Rumours also suggest that the Marvel Cinematic Universe have executed a well-thought plan by re-releasing the blockbuster movie, with a plan to knock Avatar off the all-time number one spot at the global box office.

Avengers Endgame earned a whopping $835m in the US, while “Star Wars: The Force Awakens made $936m. Hence catching the “The Force Awakens” looks pretty slim, but their eye will be on James Cameron’s global blockbuster Avatar. Overtaking “Avatar” which has been atop of the global box office charts since 2009 with $2.79bn looks like a realistic target for Avengers Endgame. The latest Marvel movie is still $40m away with $2.75bn global collections.

It looks like both Disney and Marvel Studios are eager for this record and it reflects on the arrangements for the re-release of the movie. It’s certainly possible, but ultimately in Disney’s hands at this point,” Shawn Robbins, the chief analyst told Business Insider about the chances of “Avengers: Endgame” of overtaking “Avatar”. To add that, Avatar was also re-released on August 27, 2010, just three weeks after its initial eight-month domestic theatrical run came to an end with $750m.