Rohit Sharma

There is no doubt that India has produced a lot of top cricketers over the years. Many of them have come from the state of Maharashtra and Mumbai in particular. One top player who loves his heritage and is making Mumbai proud at present is Rohit Sharma. The Mumbai Indians skipper has attracted a lot of praise from a lot of ex-cricketers and Pundits.

However, it seems that a current player has also come out and praised Rohit Sharma now. Also, when the player is from Pakistan, things become even more special. The player is none other than Pakistani all-rounder Shadab Khan.

What Did Shadab Khan Say About Rohit Sharma?

Twitter is a great place with regards to its positivity at times. However, there is also a negative side to it, when things go out of hand. Despite that, focusing on the positive side of things now, Shadab Khan came out and gave a message with regards to Rohit Sharma.

Cricketers and other famous influencers keep doing Q&A sessions on the platform. The Pakistani cricketer recently decided to do one recently on the platform. A fan quickly asked him a question, as this was a great opportunity to interact with the player.

To this, the 22-year-old all-rounder had a quick response. He did not think twice before posting his answer out there. The Rohit Sharma fans would be delighted by what he said.

Well, there is no doubt that Rohit Sharma is a top player. He has his own fanbase that loves him and backs him. That is something really good to see. Every player deserves as much support that they can get.

What Next For The Opening Batsman And Team India?

Team India has a tough year ahead, with some top targets. They will want to first win the final of the World Test Championship. That will not be easy, as they will be up against a top New Zealand side in conditions that they may not really prefer. Playing in England can be tricky to an extent. However, at the end of the day, it is what it is and the players need to step up.

Rohit Sharma reveals the only country where Team India doesn't get support  - The Economic Times

Next, there is the T20 World Cup, which will also be a priority for the Indian players. Virat Kohli will be keen on winning the competition and lifting a major international trophy. He will want to leave his mark in this competition and silence all his critics, who have been on his back with regards to his captaincy.

To add to that, Rohit Sharma will be hoping that he gets a chance to play in both formats. He will want to open the batting in the crucial Test and will want to represent India in the T20 World Cup too. He can really make a major difference to this side if he is in form. That is something that we have seen over the years already. The team and the fans will be hoping to see more of that, as we head into the business end of this cricketing season.