The IPL 2021 season has already produced some great matches already. Just five matches into the tournament and things are looking really good so far. The teams are giving it their all at present and are fighting for a place in the top four. A finish that would ensure them an opportunity at the title, with just eight teams in the competition. Keeping that in mind, KKR faced off against the Mumbai Indians in Chennai. The Kolkata Knight Riders eventually lost a game that they should have won and owner Shahrukh Khan came out on Twitter and apologized for the dreadful performance.

The KKR fans were really unhappy with the way their team threw away the game in hand. The Mumbai Indians are a top IPL team and the reigning champions. They have held on to the title for the last couple of years. Despite that, there was no excuse for the way that the team from Kolkata performed.

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The Tweet That Was Sent Out By Shahrukh Khan Apologizing To The Fans Of The Team

Twitter is often a place where KKR fans love to discuss their team’s performance. Shahrukh Khan is one of the most interactive owners in the IPL. He tends to attend a lot of games of the team and though the pandemic has prevented that in recent times, he was surely watching closing.

Post the humiliating loss, King Khan could relate to the sentiments of the fans. He went on Twitter and sent out a message for the fans.

Below is the Tweet that Shahrukh Khan sent out after the poor performance and KKR’s first loss of the new campaign-

Well, the owner and the fans surely know that this was a really bad performance with the bat. After all the hard work that was put in with the ball, the team should have done better. Shahrukh Khan was surely not pleased with what he had seen on the night. The reaction of the fans and the players were also in agreement.

What Next For KKR; Can This Team Qualify For The Knockout Stages This Season?

Based on the level of performances that KKR has shown so far, the team does have a good chance of making it into the knockout stages. They have a well-balanced side as well but the team has to perform consistently. If they keep playing like they did today, things will be really tough for them. The players need to be professional enough to fight for the badge.

The team overall played some really good cricket. There were a few moments of madness that saw them throw the game away. Shahrukh Khan would want more from his players and so would the fans. Hopefully, they can deliver in the upcoming games and he doesn’t have to apologize like this again. This team has some great players though they need to find their best form. Can KKR win this season!?