Arsene Wenger being the manager of Arsenal for 22 years stepped down as Arsenal manager last season. He had a lot of good times during his tenure in charge of the north London outfit. It did not end as he would have liked it to end. He was consistent all throughout his reign to make Arsenal qualify for champions League but for the season before his last season and his last season. They played Europa last season and are playing playing Europa this season too. He stepped after feeling that him staying isn’t helping the club. He did make some crucial signings in his era  and always was focused on developing the youth of the club. As there were complaints about premier League that local talent aren’t developed much by the manager. He was one of the few who focused on building the local talent of the country. He was one of the most reputed man in his era.

Per Mertasacker spoke about Wenger’s exit and says players were at fault for the same. Mertasacker who was the club captain for a long time and now is the manager of Arsenal academy. Arsenal players performance was not satisfying in the last few seasons.

Has told the reports that everyone became silent after hearing the news of Arsene Wenger as he had signed an extension nobody saw that coming . The least the  players could do was to win Europa for him In his last season which they failed to do as they got knocked out in Europa. The players should have put up a better performance in the Premier League too and finish in top 4. They could have played champions League this season. Players poor performance in the last few seasons led to Arsene exit.

Was the change needed at the club? 

After 22 years of Arsene reign, Arsenal looked for a change in the club. They brought in new manager who previously managed  PSG Unai Emery. Although players were to be blamed for the Arsene exit, nothing was working out for Arsene.
No matter who he got in performance used to stay the same. He got in Lacazette as a center forward for start of the season of the last year of his reign and he got in Aubameyang in the January transfer window. Lacazette did not have a great first season in  the club and failed to impress the fans in his first season although Aubameyang made an immediate impact.
Arsenal again  failed to have a top 4 finish. All of this really got the fans frustrated getting in banner “Wenger out” everywhere. It was really sad to see a man who was there when Arsenal home Emirates was being built to be treated in that manner due to under performance of his players. Players have shown great character under the new manager Unai Emery.
They did lose their first two matches but have been consistent since then winning 4 out of 4 in premier league and wining their open group stage Match in Europa. So yes, change was required at the club as the results weren’t coming in favour of the club and the fans. Although players should have ended Arsene Wenger reign in a better way by winning the Europa. Players do have a part to play in his exit and the fans who voiced their displeasure openly by getting in banners of Wenger’s exit.
There is no doubt in the mind of a lot of fans that Arsene’s reign should have ended in a much better way.