In 1986 a Scottish man was appointed as Manchester United manager to replace Ron Atkinson. His first game in charge was a 2–0 defeat at Oxford United on 8 November, followed seven days later by a goalless draw at newly-promoted Norwich City, and then his first win came at home to Queens Park Rangers on 22 November. He took the team from the 15th spot and saved from the relegation zone in his first season. 

In 1987-88 season Ferguson signed Steve Bruce, Viv Anderson, Brain Mc Clair and Jim Leighton, precisely it was Ferguson’s second season at Manchester United where he finished 2nd and showed the ambition of rebuilding the team. But in the 3rd season, Ferguson finished 11th in the league table and certain questions arose. Where was the future of the club? Where would Manchester United go from here? Would Manchester United be good enough to compete with Liverpool in League titles and in Europe? Liverpool was precisely a dominating team in the 1970s and 80s. 

Fans made a banner, “Three years of excuses and it’s still crap Tra la Fergie, three years of excuses”. Ferguson’s failure to win silverware in his first three seasons led to extreme pressure from fans and the board, media asked for Ferguson’s sacking. Ferguson failed to win 7 games in a row in the 1990-91 season and the board decided that if he would fail to win against Nottingham forest in the 3rd round of FA Cup he would be sacked. So, what was next? Would Ferguson be able to win the game against Nottingham Forest? Fans were completely against him, he had nothing in for of him. But he never looked back from there and he won the game against Nottingham Forest to save his job.

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Manchester United won the FA Cup in 1990-91 season by defeating Crystal Palace (1-0) to hand Ferguson his first trophy as a manager of Manchester United and what was next from there? He started creating his own dynasty called” Ferguson Dynasty”. He signed players like Dion Dublin, Eric Cantona and made Manchester United a giant in Europe. He met Johan Cryuff’s dream Barcelona in UEFA Cup winners cup final and defeated them by 2-1, after finishing 6th in the league table. Though he lost the league title to Leeds United in 1991, in very next season he managed to lead United their first league title after 26 years, since they last won it under Sir Matt Busby. 

He promoted the “Class of 1992” and made the world believe, “If you have a correct plan, you can win trophies with kids”. In the 1995-96 season, Manchester United failed to sign any player and media said that, “You can’t win with kids”. He showed the world what he could do with kids. With Cantona came out of suspension Manchester United were already trailing by 12 points in December to Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle. But Cantona led the team along with youth academy players like Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, Neville. Manchester United went on to win the league title and the fairy tale of Ferguson was proven in the end. 

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In 1999 Alex Ferguson went on to win the “famous treble” and became the first English side to win the Treble.

The father figure, the myth, the Godfather created so many legacies, dethroned Liverpool from their “freaking perch”, made countless memories. Made Manchester United giants in Europe. Developed several other players in his own hand. 

26 years of dominance, 26 years of countless nightmares for the opponents, 26 years of ruling the Premier League, winning Champions League titles, winning the treble. Longest-serving manager of Manchester United, dominating the whole world. There can be only one Ferguson, the father figure. 

Who can forget his “Fergie time” comebacks? Who else can forget his dramatic UCL win in 1999 final? Who can forget his celebrations in touchlines? Who can forget his press conferences? 

“Father and Mother are the most important things, they will take care of you, will be with you in every step wherever you go”. It is true. Similarly, a father figure like Sir Alex Ferguson who took care of his family (Manchester United) for 26 years in every step, is the most important person for the Red Devil fans.