Manchester City are now back to the top of the table and it is seeming that Pep Guardiola will not leave the race till the very end of the season. Manchester City and Liverpool are now at the same points. However, Manchester City are now ahead of Liverpool with respect to Goal difference. Here we will discuss about the reasons of this huge defeat of Chelsea against Manchester City.

1. Playing Marcos Alonso in the left back position :

Marcos Alonso is not a natural left-back and the previous manager of Chelsea, Antonio Conte sensed it and he played Alonso in a more attacking role of left wing back. The attacking qualities of Alonso is certainly better than his defensive abilities. The job of a left back is primarily defending and after that he has to go and help the attackers. However, here the player can not even track back after going forward. Marcos Alonso lack the position sense and this is not helping Chelsea. The Blues are getting vulnerable defensively and it is the reason behind their downfall.

The other problem of Marcos Alonso is the lack of coordination. He can not coordinate with Eden Hazard at the upfront of the field. On the other hand, he can not communicate with David Luiz, also as the defensive superstar plays at the left side in the central defense. David Luiz is not very much sound defensively. However, he is getting selected for his ability to provide through balls from the heart of defense. In Maurizio Sarri’s system, the attack should start from the back and only for that reason David Luiz is there. However, playing David Luiz and Marcos Alonso in the same side is vulnerable any day.

2. The Deep Lying Play-maker Role :

In the system of Maurizio Sarri, Jorginho plays as a deep lying playmaker. However, it is almost clear that Jorginho is not suitable in the Premier League. The Italian midfielder lack the physicality that is needed to be fit in the Premier League. Jorginho is not able to control the game-play of Chelsea anymore. N’Golo Kante is currently one of the best central defensive midfielders at this moment in the World football. The French central midfielder is being completely wasted at Chelsea as he is getting used in a more attacking role in which he is not comfortable.

3. These Set Of Players Are Difficult To Be Motivated :

The manager of the Blues, Maurizio Sarri told that these set of players were very much difficult to motivate. They completely lost the mentality of coming back after going two goals down. This should not be the character of a top side of English football. The players should respect the badge of the club. Even, the previous two managers of Chelsea were sacked with the same reason. Maurizio Sarri is also on the verge of being sacked. However, the owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich should understand that the problem is within the players; continuous changing of manager will not help the cause anyways as it has been quite visible yet again.