Dhaka Premier League Video Goes Viral- The game of cricket is fast evolving and with it, the cricketers are too. Nowadays, the athleticism, fitness and agility of the players are considered to be more important than the skills, due to the increasing importance of fielding. Over the years, we have seen fielders pushing themselves to the limits to take some extraordinary boundary line catches or throwing themselves at the ball just to save a couple of runs. From Jonty Rhodes of South Africa and Kieron Pollard of West Indies to our very own Ravindra Jadeja of India, we have seen some fielding extraordinaire.

However, there is the other end of the spectrum too. The game of cricket is becoming very demanding, and with it the expectation of the fans too. We are now used to seeing fielding masterclasses and therefore if we see any on-field bloopers now, the fans start trolling the player almost immediately.

Tamim Iqbal fielding

The Dhaka Premier League Video Of Tamim Iqbal That Went Viral

Bangladeshi opener Tamim Iqbal committed a similar blooper recently during a match of the Dhaka Premier League. During a DPL match between Mohammedan Sporting Club vs Prime Bank Cricket Club, Tamim Iqbal made a hilarious fielding error. The 32-year-old plays for Prime Bank Cricket Club (PBCC) in the Dhaka Premier League.
In the 14th over of Mohammedan Sporting’s innings, Shakib Al Hasan played a beautiful drive towards long-on. Tamim Iqbal, fielding at long-on near the boundary, thought that he would be able to receive the ball with ease. And he did so quite comfortably. But little did he know that he was standing outside the boundary line!

Such a rookie’s mistake from a player as professional as Tamim Iqbal is pretty surprising. Realising his mistake, he was quick to react and like a good sport, he pointed out towards the umpire that it was a four. Even Tamim’s own teammates started laughing at his hilarious mistake.
However, Tamim probably doesn’t deserve to be trolled that much for this mistake. That is, as the boundary line, which we will get to in a second, had a big role to play for it.

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Cricketers nowadays are habituated to the foam-covered boundary line. It gives them an idea as to how far they are situated from the boundary. If they somehow step on the solid foam, the fielders are instantly aware that they are stepping on the boundary line. The match we are talking about did not have any foam-covered boundary line.
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DPL 2021 has used vintage rope-like boundary lines with no solid covering. They have done so for almost the entirety of the tournament. That was the problem in Tamim Iqbal’s case as well. Due to the lack of foam covering, he was unable to feel that he had touched the line. It was only after his teammates started laughing, that he noticed the boundary line and realised his mistake.
Mohammedan Sporting, the team in which Tamim Iqbal plays are currently second on the table in the Dhaka Premier League. They are strong contenders to lift the trophy this season.