The 24 year old Atlanta United’s midfielder Miguel Almiron is on the radar of the Gunners as the replacement of Aaron Ramsey. Aaron Ramsey’s contract is going to expire at the end of this season and according to recent reports in England, the club management of Arsenal are not going to extend the contract of the Welshman in near future.

The first confusion about Miguel Almiron will come from his current playing side. The Paraguayan midfielder is playing for Atlanta United in Major League Soccer. Many people will think that the top players go to that League just before their retirement. So, the quality of the League will not be up to the mark. Miguel Almiron is going to break this misconception amongst the people as he is one of the most talented young midfielders in the World right now.

Miguel Almiron has joined Atlanta United in the winter transfer window of 2016-17 season from his previous club Lanus with a transfer fee worth £7m. Since then, Almiron has scored 21 goals for Atlanta United in his 62 appearances in all competitions so far. The 24 year old young midfielder has also made 12 appearances for Paraguay National football team since 2015. So, certainly the player has some potential which has attracted the club management of the Gunners. So, ‘Arsenalcore’ will analyse how Miguel Almiron can be really influential for this Arsenal side under the management of Unai Emery.

What Is The On Field Position Of Miguel Almiron?

Miguel Almiron is an attacking midfielder who can be given the perfect number 10 role. He can change his position frequently in between the match and can move all over the field throughout the whole match.

What Are His Strengths?

Miguel Almiron’s match reading ability makes him better than the other players of his age group. The 24 year old Paraguayan midfielder can balance between attack and defense according to the need of the team. Miguel Almiron can take huge workload and he has the ability to move all over the field throughout the whole match. The speed of the young midfielder is also helpful to break into the opponent’s defense.

The high pressing ability of the young midfielder will surely help him to adapt quickly in the system of Unai Emery. The inclusion of Miguel Almiron will certainly make the midfield of the Gunners more dynamic as the Paraguayan midfielder will be given the role of a play-maker. Unai Emery can use him just behind Alexandre Lacazette with Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Mesut Ozil present in his two sides. It will be an ideal combination for the Gunners to execute the 4-2-3-1 formation implemented by Unai Emery.

What Are His Weaknesses ?

The left footed Paraguayan midfielder is slightly shorter in height. So, he he is often beaten in aerial duels with the opponent defenders. It might be a problem for Miguel Almiron to be accustomed with the physicality of the Premier League. Moreover, the quality of the English Premier League is much higher than the level of Major League Soccer. So, it will not be easy for the newcomer to be successful in a short term. On the other hand, his defensive abilities are still not very much tested yet. So, the player needs to work out on those things for his improvement in the upcoming days.

How Much Will He Cost? :

The Gunners have reportedly made a bid of £11.5m for the 24 year old Paraguayan midfielder. The deal should be finalized with a transfer fee worth £15 million in the upcoming winter transfer window. The fans will really wish Miguel Almiron to be successful for Arsenal and eventually he will be able to fill the void of Aaron Ramsey in the next season.