While the world disputes who is the best, we all know the right answer to that. Whether polls show it to be Ronaldo, Messi, Zlatan or any other big name that can possibly make the list, we all know that there is no one that comes even close to the talents and abilities that Lord Bendtner shows on the pitch. So HATERS, as Olivier Queen would say, “You have failed this city!!”

Unfortunately so has Nicklas Bendtner, who will now be going to PRISON, for a period of 50 days, after he recently assaulted a taxi driver. The former Arsenal forward went all in, with all his power and pace, unfortunately not on the football pitch and was caught on tape.

The player who played under Arsene Wenger, has endless feats under his belt (including his pants and boots) went on to add another one, with the City Court of Copenhagen convicting him of assault, after footage was shared with them of the incident.

Bendtner played for the north London outfit between 2005 and 2014, where he managed to score a tally of 45 goals in just 171 games. The reason Denmark did not win the World Cup in Russia was because the Lord was out injured and could not guide them to the biggest title in the World of Football.

He is currently with Norwegian club Rosenborg at the age of 30 and just like fine wine, is achieving new feats in his career (though we are not talking about his footballing career here).

He always seems to be the man with the plan and surely he has thought of this in the long run. What an honour it must have been for that taxi driver to be punched in the face by the living legend and the greatest player footballer of all time.

The man “who knows no fear” admitted to punching him and added that he felt threatened by the taxi driver, which was the reason for his reaction in the first place. With that being said, the Lord will now be embracing prison with his graceful presence and hopefully he can reform the entire jail by the time that he comes out.

There is the possibility of a once in a lifetime story here, that the whole prison might miraculously be enlightened in the presence of the “Great One”. Many call Jose Mourinho the “Special One”, but those people haven’t met Lord Bendtner yet.

Fans who consider Wenger one of the best gifts of the Gunners to the world of football, have never met this guy. The man who can try to single handedly win Denmark the World Cup, even without playing in it is a gem that every team wishes to have. He is finally in his prime and the accolades just keep rolling into his bag.

He will and forever be a global treasure and no matter how hard the likes of Ronaldo, Messi and Zlatan try, they will never be in his league. He was, is and always will be the best footballer in the world and there is nothing and no one, who can compete with his raw charisma, both on and off the pitch.