The World Cup has now gone to the knockout stage and it is probably the right time to make prediction about the four semifinalists. The way to go towards semifinal is now properly divided into two ways. Most of the football pundits might be seeing one way tougher than the other one. But in the knockout stage you just can not take any team lightly. It is just a matter of playing well on the given day. So, we can expect many unexpected things in the knockout stage of this World Cup.


If we analyse the knockout stage draws we will find that Argentina, France, Brazil, Belgium, Uruguay, Portugal all teams are at one side of the draw while Spain, Croatia and England are only looking to throw some challenges to each other in the other half. So let’s see which four teams have the best chance to go to the Semifinal of the World Cup in Russia :


1. Argentina :


You might not feel that Argentina will make it to the semis after seeing their performance in the Group Stage matches. But, it is going to be a new beginning of the World Cup for Lionel Messi and Co from the knockout stage. First they will face France in the round of 16. In that match, the strong attacking lineup of Argentina will destroy the young French defense with their experience. In the Quarter Final, the challenge will be tough for the Argentines; but the momentum will surely be with them to ease past Uruguay or Portugal. So, my prediction is going with Argentina between these four teams.

2. Brazil :


Brazil are going to face Mexico in the round of 16 clash in the World Cup. This match will not be very much tough for them provided they maintain the same form of the group stage. In the Quarter Final they will face Belgium as the golden generation of Belgium will ease past Japan in the round of 16. Brazil vs Belgium will be a treat to watch for the football fans all over the World. My prediction is going with Brazil between these four teams as the experience of playing in the big stage will help them.

3. Spain :


Spain are going to face Russia in the round of 16. It will be an easy Match for Spain. After that, they will face Croatia as Croatia are going to beat Denmark in the round of 16. The match against Croatia will not be a cakewalk for the Spanish armada. But again my prediction will be going with Spain between these four sides providing their huge experience.

4. England :


England will have the easiest way to reach the Semi Final of the World Cup this time. The match against Colombia is going to be one of the best clashes of the round of 16 of this World Cup. If they are able to beat Colombia, they can easily beat Sweden or Switzerland with the momentum in their way. So, my prediction is here going with England between these four sides.