Chelsea will lock their horns against Barcelona in the second leg of round of 16 clash of UEFA Champions League. Both teams will be trying to win the match to emerge victorious to go through to the next round. It will be a really interesting match to watch out for the football fans all over the World.


The Blues had drawn against Barcelona with a scoreline of 1-1 at Stamford Bridge in the first leg of the round of 16 clash of UEFA Champions League. The Blues have given their all in this match against the Catalan Giants. Antonio Conte’s tactical masterstroke have almost worked for the Blues at their home ground Stamford Bridge. Playing Eden Hazard as a false nine and keeping both Pedro and Willian in the field together.


Chelsea had two renowned strikers in their squad , keeping both of them in the bench was a real brave decision taken by Antonio Conte. The selection might have paid off if the miss pass given by Cesar Azpilicueta was not converted into a Goal by Lionel Messi. The second leg will happen at Camp Nou and if Chelsea can display this spirited performance at Camp Nou too, they will surely have a chance to go through to the quarter final of the biggest event of Europe.


In the second leg, it will be a really interesting match to watch out for the football fans all over the World. If Chelsea have to beat Barcelona at Nou Camp, three of their players have to perform their best on the given days. Here are the three players of the Blues who can change the course of the match any time any day.

1. Willian :


The Brazilian winger Willian is in red hot form in this season for Chelsea. Willian is going to be one of most important players among both the teams. Willian’s pace in the counter attacks can be the key to success for the Blues. His ability to take shots from long distance is one of the attributes of his gameplay. Willian had scored one brilliant Goal in the first leg of the match and two of his shots had struck the bar. So, he will certainly be the player to watch out for the Blues in this match.

2. Eden Hazard :


Eden Hazard is considered as one of the best dribblers in the World football right now. His play making ability is making him superior to the other players in the field. Chelsea must have to score at Nou Camp to progress to the next round of UEFA Champions League. If he can show his real class, Chelsea still have a chance to survive in this tie. If Eden Hazard is again chosen to play as a role of false nine, he still has to give his level best for the sake of the team.

3. Cesar Azpilicueta :


The Spanish defender has to perform well in this big match. In the previous match Azpilicueta missed an opportunity to tackle Iniesta in the time of the miss pass given by Cesc Fabregas and it had resulted into an away Goal for Barcelona. Azpilicueta will not wish to repeat the mistake again. That’s why, he will be the key man for Chelsea in this match.