Police stand next to a cordon after a shooting on a street in central Malmo, Sweden June 18, 2018. TT News Agency/Johan Nilsson/via REUTERS

Will be totally honest with you guys, hate doing such articles which talk about the death of football fans. Fans who had gone to watch a game, either with friends or family, to a stadium, cafe or pub and eventually never make it home. Such is the story of these men, who were in Malmo in Sweden and have done for their team’s clash against South Korea, which they managed to win 1-0.

The fans were celebrating their team’s triumph and were happy, though what followed would be nerve-racking for any fan.

Sweden has been known in recent times for its gang-wars and it seems that this could be one such incident as well.

According to the Swedish police, three people were confirmed to be dead, in which a person with a gun fired at them in Malmo.

The police themselves have suggested that there were a couple of deaths of two men between the age of 18 and 29, while the media added that the hospital authorities confirmed that a man in his 30s had also died.

These men were said to have died overnight, due to the firing from an automatic weapon, with onlookers suggesting that around 15 shots were fired, though there were too scared to do anything.

It was further confirmed that three of the six men who were present at the place of the incident and were reportedly injured in the drive-by shooting, were pronounced dead.

Also, it is being suggested that one of the victims was well known to the police and there is a high possibility that all this could be part of some bigger gang-war.

It is highly likely that this the reason for the firing in the first place, though nothing has been confirmed so far, due to which it seems best to keep the options open.

Further, there was an eye witness to the whole incident and her comments were taken into account, with regards to the investigation. The lady spoke about her experience and confirmed these details as well in an interview.

Linda Andersson, was seated close by to the spot, where it all happened and when asked about what she saw, she said, “We sat in the square and heard the shooting, but it was more like thunder, a noisy noise.”

Well, it always is a scary experience for the people around and luckily she and the others were not hurt, though this was really sad, in terms of making it an international news for all the wrong reasons.

The story was linked to the World Cup, just because these people were football fans too and were leaving from the cafe, after watching a game, something that could happen with anyone.

It is just tragic to see someone die, though it is even more tragic when the news is brought into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons and linked with something that it has barely any relevance to.

We mourn not just the passing away of the fans, but for the foolishness of the media as well. Above, we have given all the details of the incident and proven to you, that this news has nothing to do with the FIFA World Cup. However, football based media outlets are going bonkers over it. I urge you to be careful, safe and especially SMART!! Cheers!!