The World Cup is now in the semifinal stage and yet another European dominance is being observed at the greatest show on earth. Four European sides France, Belgium, Croatia and England are in the semis and it is happening a mini Euro cup in Russia. France will face Belgium and England will face Croatia in the next round. It is gonna be a clash of the titans as two most clinical sides of the tournament is going to face each other. Can France beat the most informed Belgian side? Well, here is three reasons why they can be victorious over Belgium.


1. To Prove Themselves :

The French side will face the neighbours Belgium with a “hunger to win”. It is a challenge to them to prove their 1998 World Cup winner Thierry Henry that he picked the wrong side. The legend French striker Henry is now a member of the Belgian coaching staff. As the current striker Giroud said it is bizarre to have Thierry against them. He also said that he would prefer to have Henry on their side to give him and the other French forwards advice. Courtois is also his teammate from Premier League side, so it would be a high time for Giroud and Kante to exploit Belgium’s defence. France won the World Cup last time with Henry and now they have got another chance, where they must beat Henry. Isn’t it an irony?


2. Thundering Attacking Half :

Mbappe with pace, Griezmann with the pinpoint finish and Giroud with physicality. The French attacking half is just beyond explanation. Though Belgium has Hazard, Lukaku and Martens in the upper end, two out of them didn’t show their real class in the knockout stage yet. France will have the advantage to have midfielders like Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante, where Pogba can help the attacking half and Kante can take part to exploit his Chelsea mate Eden Hazard. Griezmann is definitely the man to whom the French supporters have put their faith. The Atletico forward got success in the quarter-final, where he delivered an assist and also a goal against Uruguay. Mbappe was pacy and unstoppable against Argentina and scored twice by his name. On the other hand, though he delivered an assist last time, Lukaku is not seeming in the goals. De Bruyne scored a stunner and this may give confidence to the Belgian midfield.


3. Lloris vs Courtois :

Goalkeeping may be the most selfless job in the field, where the first of a loss is indicated to the keeper. Behind the success of these two sides, it has been their keepers, who were there against all the odds. Both the keeper has two clean sheets and it is gonna be their head to head clash to decide who has got more guts. The Tottenham keeper was successful against Uruguay as he didn’t digest even a single goal but things will go hard as this Belgian side is looking fire crackling. Lloris would be vital and important key to France who can lead them to the final.