The WWE has taken a huge step recently, as they look to spread their wings and move SmackDown to Fox. The huge deal that they signed last year has finally paid off, with the Blue Brand making a move to the new network. The premiere last Friday really impressed one and all, with a number of celebrities walking the “Blue” carpet.

With that being said, a lot is expected from the company, as we get set for the draft lottery, which will see superstars being picked exclusively for either brand. A lot of talented stars will be hoping that they can impress and earn massive deals, though some of them have just faded away in recent times.

Though a draft does open the opportunity to revive one’s career, some of these superstars are way past that, while others may have a slim chance of regaining their “mojo”. Keeping that in mind, here are three superstars that need to leave the company for their long-term good-

3. Apollo Crews-

One of the most promising young stars at one point of time, Crews has totally fallen from great heights. He was one of Vince’s favourite talents, whom he pushed a bit too early into the main-roster and has failed miserably ever since. There was a lot of hope going around in the fan’s minds that he may be able to revive his career in the days to come, with the brand-split.

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However, his recent loss on RAW to Ricochet has totally shown otherwise now. He is one of the weakest jobbers around and it is best for him to move on with his career. He is 32 at present and can still look to have a decent run for a decade or more, in some other rival promotion. Though, if he does decide to stick with the WWE, things will probably not change for him (unless he gets lucky like Kofi someday).

2. Cesaro-

From being the multi-time tag-team champions of both brands to becoming just one of those people who turns over to every rising star. This has been how things have been in recent times for the Swiss Superman, Cesaro. Just when the fans thought that he might get a push, post his feud with Aleister Black, things have just gone from bad to worse.

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He is losing matches, week-in and week-out and his credibility as a wrestler is just fading away. This is not something that he would have wanted and there is still time for him to move on with his career. The unfortunate injury that Sheamus picked up, might see him retire soon and it is high time that his partner has a few good runs, before hanging his boots as well.

1. Sami Zayn-

At 35, Zayn still can do more with his career outside the WWE. At present, he is not really an in-ring performer anymore and has become the mouth-piece of Shinsuke Nakamura. Once, one of the top-rated performers in NXT has now become just another wrestler who is in WWE’s mid-card.

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His matches with Kevin Owens and some of the other co-stars stole the show at one point of time. Despite that, he is now fading away and needs to take matters into his own hands. If the brand-split doesn’t do any good for him, it is high time that he takes his things and he just walks away.

P.S.: Finn Balor has not been included in the list, as he has moved to NXT and has generated a massive uproar from audiences.