In these extremely troubled times, where an alien body has challenged the entire human race, humanity has been left reeling around in their imaginations, anticipating the rise of a superhuman who can bail us out of this quagmire of biblical proportions. Haplessly, the only superheroes in these challenging times have been clad in masks and gloves, staving away the virus with a fight as relentless as Batman grinning along with the clown of madness in his daily showdown with freaks.

Talking about Batman, he is still our heartthrob in leading the Justice League to countless triumphs. In what one would endorse as a coup by the bad guys to take over the earth, the Bat never fails to disappoint.

However, we will discuss our favourite Batman scenes in the animated version of the Justice League. Scenes that have touted a thousand times better than the multi-million dollar movie that was a downright flop.

1. Identities revealed:

When the entire Justice League was being scoured for like a clique of murderers lying as the sole barrier between the Thanagarian forces and the destruction of our planet, Batman very calmly instructed his comrades to reveal their identities.

Though sceptical at first, Flash tried to voice his opinion about being divested of his superhero identity. He added that it would mean nothing more than an ordinary human being. Batman, paying no heed to Wally West’s words, continued in an authoritative fashion. He quickly ended the argument by calling out the alter-egos of the ones present in the room.

After seeing this stunt from Bruce Wayne, West protested in a much-emasculated fashion calling Batman a showoff. After all, we all concur with the world’s fastest man on this.

2. Batman meets Bruce Wayne

How lovely would it be if only we could have met ourselves in a very personal rendezvous? The occasion gets much hyped up in case if that rendezvous comes at a point when the entire world is burning, and it all boils down to that liaison with your alter ego.

In episode 13 of season 1, Batman met future, Bruce Wayne, in a face-off as extravagant as the entire world itself. When Bruce asks Batman that is he surprised to see him, the Caped Crusader expressed his astonishment on the fact that he has lived that long to reach that senile state.

3. Batman walks out like a boss

In Justice League Doom, Superman questioned Batman’s allegiance to the league and wanted the other members of the League to vote in favour or against the protector of Gotham. This is where Batman came out in his bossy incarnation.

He made it clear that the League can be an astronomical threat to humanity in case if someone chooses to act out of the League’s chartered path and go against humanity. After laying down his view of the situation, he walked out without even waiting for someone to vote.

4. Batman isn’t just the dark evil you have known him to be but the only friend to a lost soul

When the Royal Flush Gang ran riots against the entire city after being bestowed power by Ace, a psychic who reaches the stage where she will be able to warp reality, Amanda Waller realizes the potential damage that can come as the aftermath.

Waller comes to Batman with the killing device of Ace that will put an end to her life force with zero casualties.

Without exerting any kind of physical force on Ace, Batman decides to calm her down, sit next to her and hold her hand while she is being killed. Not every villain is looking to burn the world down. At times it is only a hand that they are looking so desperately to cling on to.

5. Batman does nothing. Nothing at all

When members of the Justice League are caught by a different timeline version of themselves, the other Batman is the one holding them hostage. The Flash tries everything to break free but he can’t for quite some time.

Eventually, he does the trick the other Batman emotionally, as he plays dead. Further, Batman tells him his code, which matches the combination to the lock- 91939.

When he asks the Batman of his Earth about why he didn’t do anything, the Cape Crusader replies that there wasn’t anything that the other “He” wouldn’t have already thought of. It proves that Batman knows himself really well. Something that is one of his best qualities. Further, he adds that the other Batman could anticipate everything he could think of, but who could anticipate The Flash?

He is the greatest detective in the history of comic books. This is exactly one of the reasons why. Cheers to Batman. Cheers to life!!