A game between Al-Nassr and Al-Fateh had a moment of total madness in Saudi Arabia when a decision was referred to VAR (Video Assistant Referee). It seems that a serious game had a moment to laugh about, as social media enjoyed the presence of VAR for once. As per the claims, an employee at the stadium had unplugged the VAR device to charge his phone.

This was one of the best things on the Internet today and the fans couldn’t help have a laugh. Already there has been some controversy surrounding the use of this system, as it has favoured some big teams.

The decisions have not always made the fans happy, though the aim is to improve accuracy. With that being said, this light-headed moment was spread across all platforms of social media, after initiating on Twitter.

The fans were totally unimpressed by home this system has been used since it was officially implemented. Many of the decisions made have been criticized. However, this was one of the funniest things that could have happened.

Every serious football fan took to Twitter and made jokes about this incident, as it surely tickled the funny-bone. Even the referee would have had no clue, as to why there was no response from the system. It is such moments that generate a lot of attention from the fans and surely, FIFA would have noticed it too.

Such moments can’t go unnoticed, as this could have been a game of bigger magnitude, with a key decision in the balance. The World Cup will be taking place in Qatar this time and such errors can’t happen at the Grand Stage.

It would be quite embarrassing for such a silly incident to take place, in a fixture as possibly big as a Champions League or World Cup final. It might even lead to the removal of the system as a whole if the errors are not resolved soon.

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For now, the fans are delighted by this humorous incident. However, it will be up to FIFA now to curb such issues and focus on the bigger pictures. The Euros will be held in 2020, along with yet another version of the Copa America. World Cup qualifiers and Euro qualifiers are already being played, along with friendly matches.

Due to this, it becomes important to utilize technology in the best possible way and reduce the margin for errors. What is now a funny incident, could turn into something very serious, if the stage was “grander” than what it was at this game.

The officials and the match-authorities need to ensure that such an incident is not repeated. Otherwise, it will make a laughing stock out of the governing body, which is trying so hard to make a difference. Hopefully, the much-needed changes are implemented right in the days to come.