Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has his say- Former Indian Cricket captain MS Dhoni has brought a horde of changes in Indian cricket during his tenure. He has also led the Men in Blue to glory in several tournaments. One thing which he improved was fielding. He brought the culture of fielding to the Indian side. Although there were good fielders in Yuvraj Singh and Mohammed Kaif already in the team before the Dhoni era. It was only after Dhoni’s joining as captain India realised the importance of fielding in modern cricket.

The credit of invigorating the fielding culture goes to “Captain Cool”. It definitely bore fruit for Indian cricket when the Men in Blue won the Champions Trophy in 2013 and was better than any other team in the tournament and created a lot of difference in the end.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s legacy is carried forward by current Indian captain Virat Kohli, who pays critical attention to fitness and fielding and motivates his players to put the extra effort on the field. Apart from Kohli India has another top fielder in world cricket and it has to be Ravindra Jadeja who is known for his agility and sharp instincts.

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Post The Dhoni Era

The all-rounder has changed the dynamics of fielding among the Indian team as he pushes the others to reach his level and it overall improves the level of the Indian cricket team physically on the field. From unbelievable saves, run-outs to great catches Jadeja has excelled in all departments when it comes to fielding. But the question that may arise is who among Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja is the better fielder?

Hold on you guys do not have to decide that. The current Indian captain has given his opinion and put an end to this debate. It happened when the Star sports official Instagram handle made a poll asking fans to vote for their favourite Indian cricket team fielder among Kohli and Jadeja.

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“If you had one shot at hitting the stumps to save your life, who would you choose to throw for you – Jaddu or Virat?,” StarSports’ Instagram handle wrote.

There were a lot of buzzes as the fans chose their favourite players. while some went for Kohli the others vouched for Jadeja and it was an end to end poll among two great fielders. But one reply which captured all the attention of the Indian cricket fans was Virat Kohli’s. The Indian captain himself admitted that Ravindra Jadeja is the better fielder than him.


What Virat Kohli Said?

Kohli wrote,” Jaddu. Every time. End of debate.”

Below is the screen-shot of the post that went viral-

Ravindra Jadeja

This clearly shows that the captain really believes in his player. Jadeja has been often termed as the best fielder in the world by many. This once again shows that the skipper backs his star. It would be good for the confidence of the player, ahead of the upcoming T20 World Cup.

Keeping that in mind, things look quite interesting now if cricket does resume soon. The Indian Premier League could be the tournament to happen this year. The T20 World Cup might be pushed to the next, much like the Euros.