Virender Sehwag has his say- Two sets of supporters got involved in a bad infringement resulting from a disrespectful issue with one of the fans being taken to a sugarcane field and thrashed badly. Cricket is a passionate game for fans in India. They provide enormous support to the Indian cricket team and basically the star men of the squad whenever they took the pitch. They are respected as ‘Gods’. Sometimes, the player themselves are so loved that a separate fan base is made entirely on them rather than the team. However, their love for them also turns to be hatred if any controversy arises.

Fans become a keen follower of these cricketers and support them blindly. Few people take this as an opportunity to delude each other by throwing tantrums or going much extreme. Such was the case that took place in Kolhapur where the fans met in a nasty brawl. Earlier, fans used to get involved in social media to satisfy their ego but this time it’s a whole new level.

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The Whole Dhoni-Rohit Sharma Incident

A week ago, MS Dhoni retired from International cricket having done so from Test Format earlier and emotional fans put up several banners on him on the side of the road. This was a small tribute to the legend that honour the team not only with trophies but gave one of the best eras in Indian cricketing history.

Another great got awarded with Khel Ratna award on Friday. None other than Rohit Sharma received the honour. His excellent performances in the last world cup made him a classy hero among other achievements. Now, a different set of fan did the same to congratulate their idol for the prize. But things took a bad turn when some wicked people was reported to spoil Rohit’s banners.

This caused a massive uproar among the cricketer’s fans and they blamed Dhoni fans behind the wrongdoings. They stood up against each other with one person being dragged to the sugarcane field and beaten mercilessly. A storm of shame aroused on social media with Virender Sehwag taking on Twitter to give a lesson to those involved.

What A Fan Tweeted To Virender Sehwag And His Reply?

A fan on Twitter highlighted that the Sehwag fans need to be trained and be ready for the rumble. To which the former Indian opener had an apt answer.


Fan: Viru Bro, Give Good Training to Sehwag Fans. It’s a fight on another level

Sehwag: If they are Sehwag fans then they better not get involved in such a fight.
This is just another IPL that they are playing online. Stay away.

The ex-Indian cricket team opener pointed out the logic-less fight both of set of fans. He got involved by telling them to support the team as a whole. It is ok to love and idolize star player who makes the difference of an entire game but chaos like this is not tolerated. Indian cricket team as a whole should be loved and respected.