Wasim Jaffer

Wasim Jaffer is one of the bossy accounts on Social Media platform Twitter these days. The former Indian opening batsman has a great fan following due to his witty responses to some of the things happening online. He is also the batting coach of the Punjab Kings and seems to be doing a decent job with the team.

Online opinions always start conflicts. There are no two ways about it. Wasim Jaffer has had quite a few of his own as well. One of the guys that he has been tiffing against is former England skipper Michael Vaughan.

What Was The Comment Made By Michael Vaughan Recently And How Wasim Jaffer Responded To It?

Recently, a teaser to an interview with Michael Vaughan was released by CricTracker. In this interview, one of the questions asked to Vaughan was about a former or current cricketer that he would like to block on Twitter. Without a second thought, the Englishman mentioned Wasim Jaffer.

Below is the link to the teaser-

It was funny to watch these two ex-cricketers going at it again. They have had their arguments over team India, with one bantering the other at the right time. This was another such an instance and the fans loved it.

However, knowing Wasim Jaffer, as we all do, the former batsman was quick to pad up and respond to this comment. Below is the Tweet that he sent out in response to this teaser-

This is one off-the pitch rivalry that the fans are enjoying. As long as it is tasteless banter, the fans would have a laugh as well. Despite that, things do get heated at times between the two as well.

What Next For Team India And This Rivalry; Will It Ever End?

Team India will be facing off against England in England in the upcoming months. Keeping that in mind, this rivalry could be renewed and it will be pushed to the limit once again. That is one of the main reasons, things are picking up at the moment. There has been no major cricket in recent times, with the IPL 2021 tournament being postponed due to Covid-19.

Michael Vaughan Hits Back At Salman Butt Over Virat Kohli Comments - Cricfit

That is why the cricket fans have been looking for more outlets to voice their opinions. These Social Media platforms have been that outlet. With some of the big stars expressing their opinions too, the topics of discussion have gone viral plenty of times. These include topics like captaincy for the Indian team, selection issues and more.

Keeping that in mind, the fans will be keen on having these back-and-forths continuing between the two football Pundits. Wasim Jaffer is the comeback king online and so, Michael Vaughan might want to be careful. He was already heavily criticized for his previous interview. Hopefully, he can handle things better this time.