It is a fact that the Mumbai Indians team has looked out of sorts this season. They have not been performing at their very best. The reason for that has been the form of some of their players. However, the team from Mumbai managed to pick up a win against the Rajasthan Royals in their recent game. One player that made a slight impression in this game was all-rounder Krunal Pandya.

The Baroda skipper is known for his skill with both the bat and the ball. He is also known for his arrogance and bad attitude. Due to this, there was an incident after which all-rounder Deepak Hooda left the camp for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

The Video Of Krunal Pandya That Is Now Going Viral; Which Shows His Arrogant Side?

Krunal Pandya was batting in the second innings of the match. The Mumbai Indians were chasing a target of 172 against Sanju Samson’s side. The attacking batsman had finally started scoring some runs. That was after a really dull first half of the IPL campaign.

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Keeping that in mind, Krunal Pandya played a good shot through the off-side. It cut a delivery through the off to pick up a couple of runs. On the return of the second run, the left-handed batsman had to make a quick dive to ensure his safety. He did it just in time. The throw was really good and that must have made him a bit anxious though.

As a result of the same, he went ahead and gave it his all. Due to this, it seemed that the player scratched his hand. Out came the moisturizer and what followed was not a good sight.

Below is the video of the incident involving Krunal Pandya. A lot of fans didn’t take too kindly to it-

Disrespecting the 12th man is not something that would impress any fanbase. That too especially when you are struggling to perform. Even some of the big cricketers are humble and down to earth. Keeping that in mind, the fans on Social Media couldn’t help but react to this video.

The Story Of The Game Between The Mumbai Indians And The Rajasthan Royals

The reigning IPL champions won the game by seven wickets with nine deliveries to spare. They were the better team on the day. For the Rajasthan Royals and skipper Sanju Samson, the troubles continued. The fans would not be impressed by the way that their team is currently playing. A change in leadership could be the need of the day and that is what some of the Pundits and former cricketers have been calling for, as well.

Keeping that in mind, Krunal Pandya and his teammates would have been delighted by the result. However, the fanbase of the team would not be impressed, along with all cricket fans. Some of them actually called him out for his arrogance. Hopefully, his performances can help him in this matter, though the behaviour showcased by him is totally condemnable!!