Rohit Sharma

There has been a lot of criticism for Rohit Sharma in recent years, over his fielding and fitness. The Mumbai Indians’ skipper is not the most-agile player for Team India. At times, he has been in and out of the team because of the same reason. Videos of him eating food have also gone viral, with some fans taking a dig at him from time to time. Though his catching has been much better, his on-ground fielding and mobility have been the problem.

Keeping that in mind, Rohit Sharma did something that might have stunned all cricket fans. A brilliant stop to save some runs when no one expected that from him. The incident took place in the second ODI between India and England. He further managed to get Jason Roy runout with his brilliant effort. Even the batsmen didn’t see that one coming!!

The Video Of The Rohit Sharma Stop That Went Viral From The Second ODI

Well, for the fans who are thinking that Rohit Sharma is unfit, this was just a great message. The fans of the Indian vice-captain could not help but share the image around. Some of the supporters shared the video as well. They wanted to highlight that he is fit and good to go.

Just look at the way Rohit Sharma dives full stretch to stop the ball. Any world-class fielder from around the globe would have been proud of that. He certainly saved a few runs with that effort. Though it was not enough for Team India to win the game, good cricket is always appreciated by the fans. That is irrespective of the team they support.

Below is the video of Rohit Sharma putting in the dive to catch the attention of all global cricket fans with a brilliant runout of Jason Roy-

What a brilliant dive that was to get rid of Jason Roy. Rohit Sharma proved all his haters wrong with that brilliant piece of work. Even the batsmen did not expect that from him. He has been known for his explosive batting and decent catching but not this.

What an amazing way to give Team India a breakthrough. Right when they needed one and were struggling to find a way. This was just some great work on the pitch. Michael Vaughan would have been so proud of the Indian team. No more recommending his academy to Rohit Sharma anymore.

The Result Of The Game Went In England’s Favour In This One

Despite that, it was too little too late. Though Team India did more or less everything right, they lost the advantage in the match. There were just 38 runs needed off 71 balls, with the game totally in England’s favour.

With that being said, Rohit Sharma stole the show with his brilliant fielding. Though he could not score too many runs on the day, he was really instrumental in giving his team some kind of hope in this game. Unfortunately, the bowlers couldn’t deliver and the English batsmen really played well!!