Washington Sundar

It seems that India and England are really bringing it on. There have been quite a few arguments and heated discussions already. Social Media has been talking about these and there is another one yet again. This time it was from the first T20 International and it was between Washington Sundar and Jonny Bairstow.

The two started having a conversation which rather went south quickly when Team England was batting. The Indian players were trying to keep their composure and focus on the game. That is after their batsman had put up a poor showing with the bat.

However, Eoin Morgan and co. were clearly dominant and England was the better team on the day. They literally dominated the entire game in every department. There was no beating them after that solid performance.

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The Incident Between Washington Sundar And Jonny Bairstow That Got Social Media Platforms Ringing And The Fans Talking

David Malan was batting at the crease and it was Washington Sundar with the ball in his had. Team India was desperate for wickets and the bowler was full of passion. He had tried his best to guide the team to a respectable total after a successful Test series. Despite that, the overall batting was just not up to the mark today.

In an attempt to get a wicket, Washington Sundar was a bit too fired up. Hence, he forced David Malan to play a poor shot. The ball went up in the air and hit the non-striker on his helmet. It was an opportunity to take a catch.

However, Jonny Bairstow who was at the other end did not get out of the way at the right time. Before he knew it, the ball had already hit him. Washington Sundar was not able to take a catch due to this. Hence, he was really angry and gave out a loud cry.

Below is the whole video of the incident, it was good to see all that passion from Washington Sundar-


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England won the game with eight wickets remaining and a tally of 27 more deliveries to reach the total. This meant that they had enough time and luxury to get the job done. On the other hand, the English team has a long batting lineup that runs deep. Hence, it would have never really been a problem for them. They were always having the hold on the game.

With that being said, the Indian players did try to put up a fight in the second innings. However, it was all in vain. Washington Sundar and co. were eager to make things happen for themselves. Despite that, nothing worked out and the difference in quality between the two sides was clearly visible. With that being said, Virat Kohli needs to get the boys motivated once again. Such an awful performance will not be appreciated by the fans, both in the stadium and at home, as they expect Team India to be way better than what they were today!! Let’s wait and watch what happens now!!