Wasim Jaffer

The debate has been sparked once again and this time Wasim Jaffer had the perfect reply. Michael Vaughan tried to raise the debate that Team India is not a good enough T20 side. A lot of fans did not like the opinion that the former England international gave. However, Wasim Jaffer, who really tends to give the best replies online, had the perfect response for him.

Team India played some poor cricket in the first T20 against England. They have been known to start slow and the batting was just awful, to say the least. Due to this, the likes of Michael Vaughan and co. started pointing out that the team wasn’t good enough.

A lot of times there have been comparisons between Virat Kohli and Mumbai Indians’ skipper Rohit Sharma, with regards to captaincy. This was another such taunt and it also did involve the talk about the two teams.

What Was The Discussion On Twitter Between Michael Vaughan And Wasim Jaffer Had The Perfect Epic Reply?

Michael Vaughan, being a former England cricketer was showing support for his team. He was also highlighting the fact that Team India was very poor in the match. It was more or less a dig at the team for the poor performance, after a Test-series win.

Here is the Tweet that he sent out that created some controversy online post the comfortable win for England-

As soon as the former England skipper post this Tweet, there was a response from the fans. Even some cricketers decided to take part in the conversation and respond. One such cricketer was former Indian opener, Wasim Jaffer.

Wasim Jaffer is known for his epic responses on Social Media, especially Twitter. He was once again at it and held his own. The troll that he sent out, made the fans have a laugh and it was a clear dig at England too.

Below is the Tweet by Wasim Jaffer that he sent out-

What Next For Team India Ahead Of IPL 2021 And The T20 World Cup?

This is such a crucial year for T20 cricket. Hopefully, Team India can do things differently in the upcoming games and actually win more matches. They need to really improve from this first game. Virat Kohli himself would have been disappointed the way that his team and he himself batted. There was no excuse for their awful performance.

England on the other hand was really good while batting second. They won the match with ease. They finished off the game with eight wickets in hand and 27 balls left to spare. That is clearly a very comfortable win and after all the hype built due to their Test match performances, this was just really poor.

Hopefully, the team can perform in the games that follow. Otherwise, Wasim Jaffer will have to keep defending the team on Social Media platforms like Twitter. It will be better if he doesn’t have to. That would mean Team India actually doing something on the pitch to make the fans proud once again!!