Liverpool hosted their fierce rivals Everton in yet another edition of the Merseyside derby at Anfield. The game was expected to be yet another high intensity fixture, though it did not have too many goals in it. The only one came in stoppage time at the end of the second half scored by an unlikely scorer, Origi.

The manner in which the goal was also conceded was quite extraordinary, as the ball bounced twice on the frame of the goal, before the Belgian put it into the back of the net. Pickford took some of the blame for misjudging the flight of the ball, though eventually these excuses mean nothing at the end.

Also, Klopp’s emotional outbursts and reactions after the game said quite a bit. However, what does this winning goal now mean for the attacker, in a game where various top stars failed to score.

The trio of Firmino, Mane and Salah are totally out of form, which is obviously no secret and Sturridge has been in and out of the team as well. Klopp has been trying his best to rotate the players around and this crucial goal by the striker may now help him make a return to the first team.

The attacker is looking to revive his career at Anfield, just like a lot of other stars in the squad and this could be his best chance at doing so. Klopp is trying to solve the problems that he is facing up front and might consider giving Origi a chance to prove his worth, in the days to come.

The Latest Update-

He has already been picked for the squad to face Burnley, which shows that the former Dortmund main-man still has hope in his subs and is looking to figure out, it they deserve more. The star is just 23 at present and has a long way to go, in his career at the Merseyside.

This will be his best chance for him to now either score or claim some assists and cement himself in Klopp’s eyes. The German manager has already dropped Salah, Firmino and Mane (the trio) for this one, with the latter not even on the bench.

This shows that Klopp is now having second thoughts about his team and wants to rotate, with the likes of Sturridge making a start in the top flight of English football. If either of the two players can make an impact, it can be crucial for their future at the Merseyside.

Whether that actually happens or not, remains to be seen. It will not be an easy game away from home at the Turf Moor and whether these attacking stars can repay their manager’s trust or not, shall be seen soon.

Match Prediction-

Burnley 1-3 Liverpool

Though, it will not be the easiest game for the Reds, they should be able to win it eventually and continue their chase of Manchester City, who beat Watford last night 2-1. Klopp is still looking to win his first title at the club and this is his best chance at doing so. Hopefully, the team doesn’t disappoint him yet again.