NXT TakeOvers have been some of the best pay-per-views that WWE produces each year. It easily overshadows the Raw and SmackDown’s pay-per-views and provides some of the best wrestling fans see throughout the world. Over the years, NXT TakeOver has built into a big brand that gets viewers from all across the globe. TakeOver WarGames is the most awaited event of the NXT calendar year. Due to the structure and talents involved in the show, WarGames destroys the wrestlers and give the fans an everlasting memory.

Like every year, this year’s WarGames was too filled with drama and excitement. There were moments after moments. We saw a crazy return, unexpected heel turn, an underdog victory, championship match determined for tomorrow’s Survivor Series and a main-event that shortened everyone’s career.

Let’s look at the biggest moments from NXT TakeOver WarGames 2019.

#1. Dakota Kai’s heel turn and the underdog victory

Dakota Kai was booked as the favourite babyface ever since her original run in NXT. She always looked like someone who is going to break through soon and get a big babyface title victory in one of the TakeOvers. When she was taken out the Rhea Ripley’s team in favour of Tegan Nox, she looked dejected and felt completely ignored.

However, after a backstage assault on Mia Yim on pre-show, she had to step in and take her place, except that she didn’t want it anymore. When it was her turn to enter the ring, she turned back and viciously attacked Tegan Nox taking herself and Nox out of the match. The heel turn was booked to perfection and I can’t wait to see her storyline unfold in future episodes of NXT.

Due to this, Team Baszler had a 4-to-2 advantage over Team Ripley as Candice LeRae and Rhea Ripley were the only members left. The duo fought hard and was rightly rewarded with the victory at the end. Shayna Baszler looked very weak in the match as she couldn’t get the victory even after having a big advantage, but that can be simply excused considering the quality and storyline of the match. Women definitely stole the show tonight.

#2. Pete Dunn winning the triple threat match


A triple threat match between Pete Dunn, Damien Priest, and Killian Dain was set up for the TakeOver, where the winner was going to face Adam Cole for the NXT Championship at Survivor Series 2019. At first, it seemed like a filler match to act as a link between both the WarGames match, but all the three competitors put on a great show to become a big talking point after the show. It was never going to be easy to follow the opening WarGames match, so the talents used hard-hitting offence instead of the hi-flying stuff for a contrasting wrestling style.

The match was filled with brutal spots and neither of the competitors held back anything and showed why they deserve the spot on the show. In a triple threat match, usually, two wrestlers fight while the third one waits outside. However, in this one, all three wrestlers were involved in most of the spots, which was a refreshing change to witness.

#3. Kevin Owens


On Monday, Triple H tried to recruit Kevin Owen in NXT only to be interrupted by Undisputed Era who brutally attacked Owens. He had the opportunity to take his revenge on Adam Cole and company at WarGames and he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Kevin Owens was one of the faces people were expecting to see as Team Ciampa’s fourth member. But, even then, when his music played, the entire arena interrupted and gave Owens a hero’s welcome.

He dominated most of the match and were involved in a couple of big spots. He was finally where he is wanted and respected. His involvement made an already big TakeOver even bigger. Hopefully, all the wrestlers involved are still alive after that match.

Every NXT fan is now saying the same thing, “Follow that Survivor Series”.